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Why Bikano Rasgulla is the perfect sweet of all times

Why Bikano Rasgulla is the perfect sweet of all times

If there has to be one sweet that has been part of all our celebrations and good times then it has to be rasgulla. From spongy texture to excellent taste this sweet is irresistible and loaded with perfection in every bite. If you're searching for the best rasgullas then don't forget to visit Bikano which is one of the top 10 sweets brands in India

Here's why it's the best :-

Comes in various types

From rajbhog rasgulla to cham cham, all the variants are perfectly delicious thanks to their balanced crispiness and sweetness. No matter which variant you choose, it is always a marvelous delicacy to enjoy. So if you have ordered Bikano gulab jamun or Bikano besan laddu before, then do give this one a try this time

Perfect for all festivals & celebrations

If you have a celebration at home or are visiting friends or family on an auspicious day then rasgulla is the perfect choice. From gifting to serving your guests, its perfect taste and texture can make your celebrations full of sweetness. So, don't forget to order this when festivities are around the corner

Good Nutritional profile

Rasgullas are loaded with proteins which are essential for health. Since rasgullas are made by curdling milk it also has calcium and Vitamin D which are known to strengthen bone and muscle health. It is also fibrous and hence good for digestion. All these make it a perfect pick.

It's non-fried & less in calories

Rasgullas are less in calories and also not fried as compared to many other Indian desserts. You can discard or reduce its syrup to make it less sugar loaded. Hence, having this sweet is one of the safest options.

All these reasons can help you in making sure that when you opt for rasgulla then you're making the right decision. Make sure to enjoy bowls of these perfect delights by placing your order today.

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