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Traditional and most popular Sweets in India

Traditional and most popular Sweets in India

Bikano is one of the best sweets brands in India. It serves authentic flavorsome sweets that can be a perfect delight if you have a sweet tooth or if you are craving to have a good and authentic dessert.

With plenty of options available one can choose to settle for the sweet that is one's favourite as the wide array of options will never disappoint. Here are some of the most traditional and authentic and popular sweets in India loved by all and are must try

Gulab Jamun Rasgulla

Gulab jamun and Rashulla are two similar yet different sweets in India. For centuries these two sweets have been ruling the hearts of Indians. If you are looking for the best Gulab jamun and Rasgulla in India, then definitely give these fresh and delectable delights a try.

Boondi and Besan laddu

Boondi and Besan laddu are so popular in India that it is even made in every household at some point of time. If you want to experience the exact authentic taste of the best boondi laddu and of best besan laddu in India, then make sure to pay us a visit soon.

Besan barfi

We have the best besan barfi in India. Pure and fresh ingredients made to perfection is what we serve. If you are searching for authentic and delectable Besan Barfi, your search ends here

Soan papdi

Yet another popular and traditional delight of all times, soan papdi is the  one just cannot skip. For years we are making and serving the best son papdi in India, which is adored by everyone


Petha is one of the sweetest indulgence.  There are varieties of petha available like chocolate, paan, angoori etc.  If you want best dry petha in India, best kesar angoori petha or any other variety of petha is in your mind, then you would love us as we are the best petha maker.


Rajbhog is another most popular Indian indulgence made in sugar syrup. If you love desserts dipped in syrup and looking forward to have the best rajbhoj in India or

If you are keen to find the best rajbhog rasgulla brand in India, visit us as we would never disappoint you.

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