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Top namkeen mixtures that are best for evening munching

Top namkeen mixtures that are best for evening munching

We all love namkeens and having some with a hot cup of tea or a glass of any cold beverage just makes our day. Namkeen mixtures are another type of savoury that you can enjoy anytime of the day. These are loaded with several delectable flavours making them perfect delights to munch on whenever you wish to have something delish. There are many namkeen brands in India but it's best to only indulge in a brand that makes best quality snacks.

Here are the recommendations from Bikano, which is one of the best namkeen brands in India

Kashmiri Mixture

If you always grab bikaneri bhujia and now are looking for some new delicious options then Kashmiri mixture is the answer. It is loaded with potato sticks, rice flakes, melon seeds and cashew nuts. All these make it an irresistible delight and that's why you must give it a try

Cornflakes mixture

This is one option that you will not have guilt indulging in as it comes with cornflakes, cashew and raisins. Not only these are delicious to taste but also good for health and hence you should certainly consider including in your evening snacking list

Dry fruit mixture

Imagine having dry fruits with your namkeen. This not only sounds great but is also an excellent option to have. This mix is made up of crunchy spicy potato sticks, chickpea noodles and of course dry fruits and hence it's a delicious delight to have everyday

Chit chat mixture

If you love having something that is more on a spicier side then chit-chat should be your next pick. It is made up of cornflakes, peanuts, rice flour and split Bengal gram. All these are great ingredients for munching and hence you should not miss this one

If you're a savoury lover then these options are great for you. If you haven't tried them already make sure to do so as they are made using the finest ingredients and taste most delicious.

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