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Top most delectable flavourful Namkeen types in India

Top most delectable flavourful Namkeen types in India

It is true that there is no scarcity of good and delectable namkeens in India. With unlimited options of snacking one might end up getting confused as to which option to go for. Whether it is your evening cup of tea or a snack that you need to binge watch a good series, namkeen are the best food companion you can get.

What is an absolute must have is a packaged good namkeen that you can devour anytime you crave something good to eat. With hundreds of options available, here are the best namkeen that everyone just loves and are the best snacking option of all time.

Aloo bhujia

Aloo bhujia is a classic namkeen that has been loved for centuries. Bikano aloo bhujia is the best aloo bhujia in India that you can get. Crispy and spicy it is a perfect fit everywhere. Whether you are sipping your evening tea or just want to sprinkle it over your sandwich, aloo bhujia is a definite must try. If you are searching for the best aloo bhujia namkeen brand in India, Bikano is the best brand for it. 

Bikaneri Namkeen

Bikaneri namkeens are the traditional and most authentic namkeens to indulge in. Whether it is bikaneri aloo bhujia or kurkure bikaneri bhujia, this classic namkeen will help you to satiate your taste buds easily. At Bikano, you can grab the bikaneri bhujia namkeen that have the traditional flavors. 

Sev Namkeen

Alongwith the best bhujia namkeen in India, Bikano also has an array of tasty namkeens to offer. It also has the bhujia sev namkeen. This namkeen is a must try as it has its own unique taste which lends perfect snacking delight. 

Bikano navratan mixture

A navratan mixture is a perfect blend of different unique flavors. Navratan mixture is one of the classic namkeen of all time. The mixture has every ingredient needed for the perfect snack and namkeen option. You can have delicious navratan mix anytime of the day as the perfect lip smacking namkeen option.

The above listed namkeens are a must try. Famous for their taste and flavors these namkeens are what you need for your next snacking choice. Bikano offers the best namkeen in India. Whether you are searching for bhujia namkeen or navratan mixture, it has the namkeen of every variety making it a brand that has the best flavourful namkeens for everyone.

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