Best and Famous Indian snacks options recommendations for kids you must check out

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The best snack options recommended for kids

The best snack options recommended for kids

Like adults, kids love munching and snacks are definitely one of the most favourite things that they enjoy indulging in. While searching for a snack brand for your kids it's essential to rely only on a brand that uses safe ingredients to make its products. Bikano is one of the oldest brands in the market that makes food products using the finest quality. It adheres to FMCG products which makes it one of the best chips brands in India

Here are the best snacking options from Bikano, one of the most reliable and top snacks brand in India

Tangy tomato

Potato chips in India are one of the most loved savouries and rightly so. Its delish taste in every bite and crispiness makes it a perfect binge on option with hot or cold beverages. Tangy tomato is a perfect delight as its tanginess is neither too bland nor spicy and so it is loved by kids.

Simply salted

Making kids have too spicy savouries can prove to be bad for their health and hence simply salted is one the best alternative to go for. These chips are plain and free from any spices or chilli flavours. Simply salted is a flavoursome option & will surely be loved by kids.

Hexa chips

Hexa chips are hexagonal shaped chips that come in a refreshing flavour of cream and onions making them an ideal snacking option for the kids. Hexa chips should be your go-to chips if your kids love something more on the contemporary side of snacking.

Bikano baked delight

If you always are on a search for baked chips brands in India, then your search ends here. The baked delight from Bikano is an assorted collection of snacks that your kids will absolutely drool over. It has sweet and savoury cookies which are perfect for evening snacking.

These options are great to serve kids. You can serve them as refreshment when they need a break from studies. These snacking options are easily available across online and offline markets and so don't forget to place your order soon.

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