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Popular Chips and Snacks options in India

Popular Chips and Snacks options in India

Chips are the perfect snacking option which we cannot get enough of. Filled with right and delectable flavors, chips are the most popular munching options available with us. If you are wondering to know the best chips for your next indulgence, here are all the popular chips options that you must give a try. 

Not only savory or sweet, Bikano houses options for the best chips in India. Children and even adults are obsessed with chips. Being the best snack brand in India, here we bring the best chips and snack option to get from Bikano

Some of the popular chips in India are:-

Simply salted

Simply salted is one of the classic flavors of chips of all times. No matter what the age group is, this is one chip that is loved by all alike. Simply salted is low on spice and aromatic herbs. The plain salted flavor makes it unique and one of its own kind

Potato chips 

Potato chips in India are loved by all. Whether it is classic salted potato chips or spicy potato chips, this is one of the most popular chips in India. You can accompany your favorite potato chips with your favorite hot or cold beverage and voila! you have the best snacking option ready with you. So for the best potato chips in India of all varieties visit Bikano today

Chatak masala chips

Kurkure chips are spiced with the best herbs and spices. Everyone loves spicy snacks and Bikano's chatak masala chips is one of the types that everyone just cannot stop indulging in. If you love flavor of authentic and rich herbs and spices, giving this chips a try is a must

Cream and onion chips

Another unique flavor that everyone loves is considered one of the best snacks in India. Cream and onion is not as spicy as its counterparts but as an alternative of chips variety they have a good contemporary flavor to it. Cream and onion goes best with coffee or a cold drink and is a must try if you prefer less spicy

Bikano is one of the top snacks brands in India. It caters to a variety of flavors so that everyone finds a good snack for themselves. The quality ingredients and best formulations have given rise to an array of chips, making Bikano the most popular chips brands in India. If you love indulging into snacks that are simply delectable, get the best chips of your taste from Bikano today.

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