Famous Indian Snacks options from Bikano

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Perfect and delicious picnic snacks options from Bikano

Perfect and delicious picnic snacks options from Bikano

A picnic time is one of the best moments of life. A long weekend or vacation from school calls for spending some rejuvenating time with your family. If you're planning a trip or picnic with family, we know you can't miss out on the delicious food items. Here are the famous Indian snacks options you can consider packing in. You can order the following from Bikano, one of the best chips brands in India

1) Potato chips

Potato chips in India have always been the most loved and famous snacks. At Bikano you can get a variety of these chips and the best part is each of them is flavourful. From classic salted to chatak masala variants, you can get potato chips of any flavour you like

2) Crunchy Munchy

Crunchy munchy is another best option to get. You can enjoy this on your picnic with maggie and tea or coffee. Crunchy munchy is sticks of potato and pulses flour that are suitable for snacking as they have the perfect spice, crunch and taste.

3) Maida kachori

Maida kachori is another crispy snack option that will help you to have a happy picnic time with your family. These kachoris are made of refined wheat flour and are stuffed with spicy pulses. Children love to have these small kachoris and that's why you must carry them.

4) Tangy Fatax rings

Including a tangy flavoured food item in your picnic basket is a must. Tangy fatax rings are lightweight tang-flavoured puffed rings of corn and rice girt. They taste perfect and if you're running out of options then it's time to pick this one

So next time when you plan a trip or picnic with your family or friends, do keep these options in mind as they are all you need. From best quality to perfect taste, these options are widely available online and offline and hence you can get them easily.

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