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Nuts and dal namkeens that are perfect snacking options

Nuts and dal namkeens that are perfect snacking options

Are you always searching for something new, unique and delish at the same time that you can include in your snacking options? The search for finding a perfect pack of namkeen is about to end here. Below are the top recommendations of namkeens loaded with nuts and dals (lentils) so that you get a complete package of taste and some nutrition. So don't forget to try these recommendations from Bikano, one of the top namkeen brands in India

1) Chana dal namkeen

Lentils or dal are full of protein and having them as snacks is a great option. The bikano bhujia 1 kg price is Rs. 272 And bikano aloo bhujia 1 kg price is Rs. 272.You can mix either of the two with chana dal and enjoy all these flavours with a steaming cup of tea for

2) Dal mixture

A bowl full of a crunchy spicy mixture of daal (lentils) is simply unbeatable and so next time you want to buy a namkeen don't forget about this mix as you will be able to have different lentils blended deliciously with a good nutritional value

3) Cocktail nuts mix

This one option is excellent not only for your everyday snacking but also for any party or celebration that you may have. These savoury nuts mixtures can beat any delicious namkeen type. This comes packed with the power of Bengal gram, peanuts, chickpea and cashew hence you should give it a try for sure

4) Classic salted peanut

If there is something that will always be the evergreen option to grab, then it has to be a classic salted peanut. The perfect roasted flavours of peanuts garnished with salt make it a savoury indulgence that can uplift your mood and provide you the needed refreshment

All these above suggestions are great to keep you going as these are some of the best snacks of all time. Don't forget to place your order and stock up on the ones that you love the most. All of these choices are made using the finest quality ingredients hence you can trust this completely.

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