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Most delicious snacks to serve your guests

Most delicious snacks to serve your guests

Friends and family visiting your house can be an absolute time to enjoy but one needs to be prepared to host them well. Right from the welcoming snacks to tea time snacks, there should be a variety of savoury delights to offer your guests. So, if friends and family are going to pay you a visit soon then you should definitely consider the following options. Also, when it comes to food then you should rely on only Bikano, one of the top snacks brands in India and also the best chips brands in India

Here are the best famous Indian snacks options to serve your guests

1) Hexa chips

Hexa chips are hexagonal-shaped chips that come in a refreshing and contemporary flavour of cream and onion. These are the perfect alternative to regular namkeens or potato chips as they are deliciously flavoured and enjoyable.

2) Chatpat Papad

These small chatpat papads are small crackers made from pulses, flour and spices. These fried small papads are tasty and crispy options to serve your guests. These go well with tea or coffee which makes them an excellent snack. You can also serve them with lunch or dinner.

3) Chatax star stix

A perfect snack to serve your guests should be crispy, spicy, and crunchy & this is exactly what chatak star stix is like. Made up of maize and rice flour these stix are comfortable in eating and taste delectable. You should definitely consider this.

4) Mini samosa

Nothing is more perfect than a samosa when it comes to serving your guest a snack that is perfect in every way. The mini samosa will go well with other side dishes, namkeens or chips. So, to impress your guests don't forget to include these extra delicious small samosas

You can create a perfect menu for your guests with the help of Bikano's delicious food items. Here you can get the above-listed delicacies which are of the finest quality. So, if you're planning to host an event & welcome guests make sure to order these delights soon.

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