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Guilt Free and traditional sweets indulgences you must try out

Guilt Free and traditional sweets indulgences you must try out

Indian traditional sweets have always been part of our heritage and culture. They are also an inseparable part of our every celebration because of their taste and health quotient. Other than good taste they also have rich flavours and aroma to relish upon. Loaded with fine ingredients & roasted with clarified butter, nuts and flours, make them delectable treats that are hard to resist. If you love eating sweets this article can help you know about some tasty options that are perfect to stock on and much on every time you crave something delicious.

All the suggestions listed here are available at Bikano, one of the top sweets brands in India that has everything from best rasgulla in India to best best barfi in India

Sugar free soan papdi

If you love soan papdi then you're at the right place. At Bikano you can get Best soan papdi in India that is sugar free. Going Sugar free is good for your health. You can indulge in this delicacy without any guilt and this is what makes it a good option to prefer over others

Panjeeri laddu

Panjeeri laddus are traditional Indian sweets that are recommended for better energy levels and if you're searching for an option that is not degrading to your health then opt for the best Best besan laddu in India or panjeeri and til laddus that are loaded with fine ingredients

Desi ghee soan cake

Sohan cakes are made in desi ghee and garnished with nuts. Desi ghee has proven health benefits and that's why having sohan cake is an appetizing, delicious and healthy indulgence. You can easily refrigerate it to have it chilled. Even at room temperature, it tastes really good.

Premium Patisa

Patisa can be a good option if you get it from Bikano. Made by roasting chickpeas and wheat flour with clarified butter and topping them with almonds, the patisa is also appetizing. You can have patisa anytime of the day, it's best as an refreshment and can satiate your hunger pangs.

All these options are great to munch on as they are made with safe ingredients and their quality adheres to FMCG standards. Make sure to stock your favourite sweets out of these as you will love them in every bite.

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