Try out famous and delightful sweets like Rajbhog rasgulla, Son papdi, Besan ladoo etc

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Famous and Delightful sweets perfect for summers

Famous and Delightful sweets perfect for summers

Summers are incomplete without refreshing and delightful sweets. One of the best ways to beat the heat and scorching sun is to indulge yourself in some of the most sweet, refreshing & delicious treats. These options given below are highly irresistible in summers because of their light texture and flavourful taste in every bite. Here are some of the top desserts that you should stock up on to enjoy your summer season. Don't forget to buy your favourite delight from Bikano, one of the top 10 sweets brands in India. Also, you can easily order these online or visit the nearest offline Bikano store.


Rosogolla is one of the most popular sweets. These spongy balls dipped in sugar syrup are a light and highly delicious delicacy that has perfection in every bite. This summer don't forget to enjoy a chilled bowl of full roshogulla. Also don't forget to try out Kesar rasgulla, another variant which is also high recommended .

Cham cham

Cham cham is also an irresistible delight that can be enjoyed anytime of the day. These cylindrical shaped sugar balls have a smooth texture. Also these are garnished with mawa or dry fruits giving them extra flavours. If you have tried Bikano gulab jamun or bikano besan laddu, then you would love the cham cham too.


It's true that one can never get enough rasgullas but rajbhog rasgulla is a bit extra special. It's extra smooth texture prepared in milk solids or chenna makes it a perfect indulgence to enjoy. If you haven't tried this already, then this season keep this in must try list and you will love it surely .


Rasmalai has its own place and undeniably it is one of the most popular sweets in India. Having rasmalai chilled is one of the best desserts to enjoy this season. If you have guests visiting you soon then don't forget to offer them rasmalai as this is simply perfection in every way

All these dessert recommendations are great to keep you going this season. These perfect sweets are sure to give your burst of flavours, refreshment and a complete delightful experience. So don't forget to try them soon.

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