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Different variants of Rasgullas that are perfect delights

Different variants of Rasgullas that are perfect delights

Indeed, rasgullas are perfect delights. Made up of sugar and flour, these are one of the most loved and oldest sweets that is part of our celebrations. Needless to say it is also a highly versatile sweet, perfect for every season. Whether you serve them chilled or at room temperature, they are always delectable and that is why we thought of curating different types and variants of Rasgullas that are completely a must try. These all variants have a unique taste and texture and this is what makes them a perfect indulgence. Also, don't forget to pay a visit to nearest Bikano outlet for getting your hands on the best rasgulla in India.


Rosogulla is the most famous rasgulla variant. Originating from West Bengal it has swept the whole globe with its delicious and wholesome taste and size. Trying out rosogulla is a must as nothing can beat this traditional sweet.

Rajbog Rasgulla

Rajbhog is a highly popular Indian sweet. Rajbhog is a spongy and soft textured dessert that has a refreshing aroma and taste. If you love rasgulla but need something new then rajbhog is the perfect alternative option to try out. Check out Bikano for the best rajbhog rasgulla in India

Cham cham

Cham cham varies a bit from Rasgulla as it is not served in sugar syrup and is instead stuffed and garnished making it a highly appetising delicacy. Cham cham is also good if you love a bit savoury in your dessert as cham cham generally has dry fruits, pistas or coconut garnishing


Rasbhari is a mini rasgulla however there still is a difference in taste and texture. They are smaller and softer, lending them their own unique qualities. Further there are two variants of Rasbhari - lal rasbhari and white rasbhari that you must also give a try as they are the perfect desserts that you can have anytime

All these varieties are great if you have an upcoming function or an event. If you love exploring sweet delicacies then all these will help you to come across some of the best traditional sweets in India. Also for trying out these sweets and much more don't forget to visit Bikano, the best sweets brands in India

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