Delicious Recipes that can be made using bhujias and namkeens

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Delicious Recipes that can be made using bhujias and namkeens

Delicious Recipes that can be made using bhujias and namkeens

Good food leads to a good mood and what's better than trying out recipes that are just perfectly delicious and easy to make at home. Next time when you can spare some time don't forget to try these recommendations. In less time these unique food recipes can be prepared at home easily. You can make the following using bhujias or namkeens from Bikano. The bhujia 1 kg price is Rs 272 (approx) & Bikano aloo bhujia 1 kg price is Rs 272(approx)

Bhujia paratha

Bhujia paratha is the one that is made by stuffing aloo bhujia or bikaneri bhujia into your paratha. Craving something new and delicious for breakfast is a common thing and with this recipe, you can get your breakfast or even lunch sorted in the most delicious way.

Bhujia bhel

Who doesn't like a bowl full of bhel? It is one of the perfect indulgence for everyone. Here's a new bhel that you must try out. Just mix some bhujia with onions, tomatoes and add a bit of lime juice. Bikano aloo bhujia 400g price is Rs 90( approx) and using this you can make a delish bhel easily.

Namkeen kachori

You can use sev namkeen or any other namkeen left at your home for this. Grind it into powder, add salt, green red chilli and other spices and fry it. Voila, there you will have a delicious kachori to enjoy with your friends and family.

Kurkure spring rolls

We all know that spring rolls are incredibly easy to make at home. You can jazz it up further with ingredients like chips, bhujias and namkeens from Bikano. These super crispy, Kurkure veg spring is perfect delight that you should not miss.

These recommendations will be dearly loved by all from children to old age people. Next time do try any of these and serve them hot with a steaming cup of tea or coffee.

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