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Delectable burfi varieties that are perfect for every celebration

Delectable burfi varieties that are perfect for every celebration

Burfi has always been a part of Indian culture and it is also loved by people of all age groups. To make your special days more memorable or to add sweetness to your celebrations, a pack of burfi is a perfect choice. It's also great for every kind of celebration and festivities. Here are burfi variants that are delectable and on days when you crave something sweet you can grab any of these and indulge in a delightful delicacy. These varieties of burfi are from Bikano, one of the top 10 sweets brands in India.

1) Chana almond

Chana almond is an excellent sweet to relish, made up of chana and almonds, the chickpea flour in it is roasted well and garnished with dry fruits. This delight not only has perfection in every bite but is also a nice gifting option to carry when visiting your loved ones. Chana almond is a unique variant that you should give a try.

2) Kaju Dhoda

If you've already tried Bikano Gulab jamun or Bikano Soan papdi and now want to explore some more options, then Kaju dhoda should be your next pick. These are delicious wheat flour cakes that have a spongy texture and absolutely sweet taste. They are also garnished with almonds, Kaju and other dry fruits.

3) Besan burfi

Like Bikano besan laddu, besan burfi is irresistible too. The burfi is a perfect blend of roasted chickpea flour with the garnishing of almonds. This aromatic delight is ideal for any celebration and if you love traditional Indian sweets then the besan burfi is what you should get next time you want to buy some authentic delights.

4) Mewa bites

Mewa bites is an assorted royale sweets. So here you get a variety of burfi packed in a box making it an excellent gifting option. Also, like burfi, you can get Bikano Soan papdi in a number of delicious variants. The Bikano Soan papdi 500g price is Rs 200. Don't forget to check out all the variants at Bikano.

Make sure to give these sweets a try. Surely you will love indulging in them as they are made using only the finest quality and hence you get the most delicious, authentic and traditional taste to relish.

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