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Best sweets options to enjoy the monsoon season

Best sweets options to enjoy the monsoon season

Monsoon season is a respite period from scorching sun and heat waves. Enjoying the rainy days with some of the finest desserts is one of the best moments to relish. Since monsoon is around the corner here are a few suggestions that you can consider indulging in as they are perfectly flavourful and delicious to enjoy the weather.

At Bikano you can easily find these sweets of the best quality as Bikano is one of the top 10 sweets brands in India

Here are the sweets options

Bikano Gulab jamun

A steaming hot platter of gulab jamun can make your rainy days extra enjoyable. You can order your box of gulab jamun and at the right time serve them to enjoy the season relishing the best delicacy. You can also opt for mini gulab jamuns as well.

Rajbhog rasgulla

Rasgullas are always a great option to have, rajbhog rasgullas are another alternative to have a feast of delight while enjoying the rains. Serve them chilled or at the room temperature, the taste and texture will be excellent to be pleased with

White or red feni

Feni is another great option to enjoy the rains. The fried vermicelli cooked in milk and served hot is the perfect choice that you should definitely not give a miss. The cooking time of feni is also less and hence it can be made and enjoyed whenever you want

Karachi halwa

Karachi halwa is the perfect option as it has a bit of savoury flavours with sweetness. This dessert is made of starch and garnished with dry fruits. This is what you should give a try next time you have plans to enjoy the weather with friends and family.

You can buy any of the above delights from Bikano as it has only fresh and finest quality sweets. Don't forget to order your favourite today and make your days sweeter and more enjoyable.

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