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Best sweets options perfect for celebrating Indian festivals

Best sweets options perfect for celebrating Indian festivals

Indian festivity is the time for celebrations and the festivals are just around the corner. It would not be wrong to say that these auspicious days are incomplete without a platter of sweets. If you've been thinking of some perfect delights for celebrating the festive mood, then here are the recommendations from Bikano, one of the top 10 sweets brands in India, where you will be able to get every type of delicacy in the most authentic, traditional & delicious taste.

Here are the sweets recommendations

Gulab Jamun

Gulab jamun is an excellent delight. The sweet balls accompanied by some crispiness have an impeccable taste. The soft gulab jamun dipped in syrup is loved by all and so you can surely buy this without any second thought. These can be served hot or cold, making them a great choice.


Bikano besan laddu is another terrific pick as it has the most perfect flavour to relish. The Bikano laddu comes in a variety of options. You can pick panjeeri laddu, besan ladoo & besan til ladoo. These are made by roasting chickpea flour. These are then garnished with sesame seeds & dry fruits.

Soan Papdi

When in doubt, it's best to rely on soan papdi. This is one sweet which is a great choice for every type of celebration or festivity. The sweetness and texture of soan papdi are unbeatable. The Bikano Soan papdi 1kg price is around Rs 340 while the Bikano Soan papdi 500 g price is Rs 195.

Kesar Angoori Petha

Petha is another great choice to get. They have a sweet and delightful taste and a great texture that is enjoyable as soon as you take the first bite of it. With Kesar angoori petha the taste level goes all the way up as Kesar and angoor flavours add to the perfection.

Cham Cham

If you love sweets that are more like rasgulla then you should go for cham cham. This delicacy is made up of cottage cheese rolls dipped in sugar syrup and garnished with saffron. It is definitely a choice that is perfect and you should surely consider

These sweets will help you to make your celebrations better & sweeter. These options taste most delicious and have authentic flavours to them. So don't forget to place your order & enjoy these delicacies with your friends and family.

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