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Best snacks to have between work or study breaks

Best snacks to have between work or study breaks

Feeling tired or exhausted while working or studying is a normal tendency. After every while, it's always a great idea to take short breaks. You can utilize these breaks to grab some refreshments to feel rejuvenated and what's better than some good food to help you with this? If you love snacks then the following list will help you to pick some of the best and most famous Indian snacks that are perfect to satiate your hunger pangs. So here are the options that you should surely give a try.

Potato chips

Potato chips in India are loved by all and for all good reasons. The potato chips offer a balanced taste of spiciness with a bit of sweetness. They make for a perfect option and if you haven't stocked these already, then it's time to do so. From tangy to Indian masala you can relish any of your favourite potato chips flavour.

Crunchy munchy

Crunchy munch is another best option to relish. These uniquely shaped chips are made up of potato and pulses flour. You can have them as a stand-alone snack or pair them up with side dishes such as sandwiches or noodles. So next time when you need a perfect & versatile option then pick this one up.


There are many potato chips brands in India but at Bikano you can also find Pufeez which are puffed balls of rice and corn. The pufeez have spice and crunch to them but their texture is soft which makes them more enjoyable. The spice level is quite balanced and hence you can have them anytime you want.

Chatax stick

When you're on a break from work or studies and need some refreshment then the chatak stick is one of the best options you can enjoy eating. They come in a variety of flavours such as masala, tangy or achari. You would surely enjoy chatak sticks if you are fond of snacks that are spicy and crunchy.

So next time when you're thinking about what snacks to buy next, you can surely rely on this list. Bikano is one of the top snacks brands in India and has a wide variety of options to choose from. So don't forget to try out these varieties.

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