Top 10 sweets brands in India |Authentic and budget friendly sweets perfect to relish this season

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Authentic and budget friendly sweets perfect to relish this season

Authentic and budget friendly sweets perfect to relish this season

The year 2022 is here and if you are searching for some delicious sweets to relish then here are some of the authentic and pocket-friendly sweets that you should try. These sweets are a great option and have a perfect blend of taste, texture and flavours.

Soan papdi:

Soan papdi is one of the best sweets with a soft & uniquely flaky texture that you can enjoy anytime. This serves as a perfect delight even if you don't have a sweet tooth. Bikano soan papdi 1kg price is Rs. 350 only and Bikano soan papdi 500gm price is Rs.195 and so you can enjoy this sweet without burning a hole in your pocket.


Just like Bikano soan papdi, patisa is another delicacy that is a perfect dessert to indulge in. If you're looking for a sweet option that is rich in taste but easy on the pocket, then the premium patisa made with chickpea and refined flour garnished with almonds is what you should definitely pick up.

Kesar petha:

Kesar petha is another option that should be present on your must-have dessert list. Kesar makes any dessert sweeter, tastier and hence kesar petha as well as Kesar rasgulla are two great options that you can indulge in without giving a second doubt. So don't forget to grab them soon.

Gulab jamun

Gulab jamun is one sweet that no one should miss having. With the soft-texture, delectable taste and the rich flavour, gulab jamun is exactly what you should pick up next time you are craving something good. You can easily grab gulab jamun minis or gulab jamun normal size from Bikano.

Bikano is one of the best Indian sweets brands in India and has an array of authentic and delightful sweets options to choose from. If you are searching to grab some delicious delights, don't forget to order your favourite one. You can easily place your order online or by visiting the nearest Bikano store.

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