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Best sweets options perfect for celebrating Indian festivals

Best sweets options perfect for celebrating Indian festivals

Indian festivity is the time for celebrations and the festivals are just around the corner. It would not be wrong to say that these auspicious days are incomplete without a platter of sweets. If you've been thinking of some perfect delights for celebrating the festive mood, then here are the recommendations from Bikano, one of the top 10 sweets brands in India, where you will be able to get every type of delicacy in the most authentic, traditional & delicious taste.

Here are the sweets recommendations

Gulab Jamun

Gulab jamun is an excellent delight. The sweet balls accompanied by some crispiness have an impeccable taste. The soft gulab jamun dipped in syrup is loved by all and so you can surely buy this without any second thought. These can be served hot or cold, making them a great choice.


Bikano besan laddu is another terrific pick as it has the most perfect flavour to relish. The Bikano laddu comes in a variety of options. You can pick panjeeri laddu, besan ladoo & besan til ladoo. These are made by roasting chickpea flour. These are then garnished with sesame seeds & dry fruits.

Soan Papdi

When in doubt, it's best to rely on soan papdi. This is one sweet which is a great choice for every type of celebration or festivity. The sweetness and texture of soan papdi are unbeatable. The Bikano Soan papdi 1kg price is around Rs 340 while the Bikano Soan papdi 500 g price is Rs 195.

Kesar Angoori Petha

Petha is another great choice to get. They have a sweet and delightful taste and a great texture that is enjoyable as soon as you take the first bite of it. With Kesar angoori petha the taste level goes all the way up as Kesar and angoor flavours add to the perfection.

Cham Cham

If you love sweets that are more like rasgulla then you should go for cham cham. This delicacy is made up of cottage cheese rolls dipped in sugar syrup and garnished with saffron. It is definitely a choice that is perfect and you should surely consider

These sweets will help you to make your celebrations better & sweeter. These options taste most delicious and have authentic flavours to them. So don't forget to place your order & enjoy these delicacies with your friends and family.

Perfect everyday namkeen options to satiate your taste buds

Perfect everyday namkeen options to satiate your taste buds

Whether you're working from home, or have just returned from the office, college or school, everyone needs some refreshments. Unwinding and sipping on a steaming cup of flavourful tea or coffee with a handful of detectable namkeen can help you to rejuvenate and feel refreshed in the best way possible. So here are some of the best and most loved namkeen options from Bikano, one of the best namkeen brands in India. These options are perfect for everyday munching and also are flavourful & delightful hence surely you wouldn't get bored of them.

1) Bikaneri bhujia

What's better than a pack of bhujia? Not only does it taste delicious but it is also a good option anytime of the day. From bikaneri bhujia to Bikano aloo bhujia, you can enjoy a new variant everyday. You can try out bhujia variants such as aloo bhujia, lemon chaska bhujia, malai sev or chutney sev. These options will make your snacking time much better thanks to the perfect taste and crunch.

2) Khatta meetha

Khatta meetha is one of the most popular, famous and loved Bikano namkeen. Khatta meetha is great as the taste is delicious and is also not too spicy. Also, this namkeen goes well with cold beverages too. So if you're planning to have shakes or cold coffee then this will be the perfect pick .

3) Roasted peanuts

Peanuts are a good source of protein and are also considered an alternative to almonds. You can have roasted peanuts for everyday munching. These salty and roasted peanuts can also be paired with any bhujia to make the perfect namkeen platter. The aloo bhujia price is Rs 272 while Bikano bikaneri bhujia 1kg price is Rs 297.

4) All time mixture

All time mixture is another great choice to include in your evening tea time. It comes loaded with cornflakes, rice flakes, peanuts and chickpea flour making this an excellent choice. The other good thing about the All time mixture is that it is quite refreshing and the taste is neither too spicy nor too bland.

Make sure to check out all these options and order the ones that match your personal choice & preference. There is a namkeen type for every mood and every day and so do get yours today.

Delectable burfi varieties that are perfect for every celebration

Delectable burfi varieties that are perfect for every celebration

Burfi has always been a part of Indian culture and it is also loved by people of all age groups. To make your special days more memorable or to add sweetness to your celebrations, a pack of burfi is a perfect choice. It's also great for every kind of celebration and festivities. Here are burfi variants that are delectable and on days when you crave something sweet you can grab any of these and indulge in a delightful delicacy. These varieties of burfi are from Bikano, one of the top 10 sweets brands in India.

1) Chana almond

Chana almond is an excellent sweet to relish, made up of chana and almonds, the chickpea flour in it is roasted well and garnished with dry fruits. This delight not only has perfection in every bite but is also a nice gifting option to carry when visiting your loved ones. Chana almond is a unique variant that you should give a try.

2) Kaju Dhoda

If you've already tried Bikano Gulab jamun or Bikano Soan papdi and now want to explore some more options, then Kaju dhoda should be your next pick. These are delicious wheat flour cakes that have a spongy texture and absolutely sweet taste. They are also garnished with almonds, Kaju and other dry fruits.

3) Besan burfi

Like Bikano besan laddu, besan burfi is irresistible too. The burfi is a perfect blend of roasted chickpea flour with the garnishing of almonds. This aromatic delight is ideal for any celebration and if you love traditional Indian sweets then the besan burfi is what you should get next time you want to buy some authentic delights.

4) Mewa bites

Mewa bites is an assorted royale sweets. So here you get a variety of burfi packed in a box making it an excellent gifting option. Also, like burfi, you can get Bikano Soan papdi in a number of delicious variants. The Bikano Soan papdi 500g price is Rs 200. Don't forget to check out all the variants at Bikano.

Make sure to give these sweets a try. Surely you will love indulging in them as they are made using only the finest quality and hence you get the most delicious, authentic and traditional taste to relish.

Best snacks to have between work or study breaks

Best snacks to have between work or study breaks

Feeling tired or exhausted while working or studying is a normal tendency. After every while, it's always a great idea to take short breaks. You can utilize these breaks to grab some refreshments to feel rejuvenated and what's better than some good food to help you with this? If you love snacks then the following list will help you to pick some of the best and most famous Indian snacks that are perfect to satiate your hunger pangs. So here are the options that you should surely give a try.

Potato chips

Potato chips in India are loved by all and for all good reasons. The potato chips offer a balanced taste of spiciness with a bit of sweetness. They make for a perfect option and if you haven't stocked these already, then it's time to do so. From tangy to Indian masala you can relish any of your favourite potato chips flavour.

Crunchy munchy

Crunchy munch is another best option to relish. These uniquely shaped chips are made up of potato and pulses flour. You can have them as a stand-alone snack or pair them up with side dishes such as sandwiches or noodles. So next time when you need a perfect & versatile option then pick this one up.


There are many potato chips brands in India but at Bikano you can also find Pufeez which are puffed balls of rice and corn. The pufeez have spice and crunch to them but their texture is soft which makes them more enjoyable. The spice level is quite balanced and hence you can have them anytime you want.

Chatax stick

When you're on a break from work or studies and need some refreshment then the chatak stick is one of the best options you can enjoy eating. They come in a variety of flavours such as masala, tangy or achari. You would surely enjoy chatak sticks if you are fond of snacks that are spicy and crunchy.

So next time when you're thinking about what snacks to buy next, you can surely rely on this list. Bikano is one of the top snacks brands in India and has a wide variety of options to choose from. So don't forget to try out these varieties.

Non-spicy namkeen variants you can pick from Bikano

Non-spicy namkeen variants you can pick from Bikano

From grandparents to children, namkeen is loved by all and stocking up the perfect types of namkeen that are suitable for all age groups is a must. Other than Bikaneri bhujia, there are plenty of delicious savoury options that you will surely love. These non-spicy namkeen variants have the most delicious flavours, texture and crunch and hence you would not want to miss these. So next time when you have a family get-together time then these options will be best to serve.

Here are some of the appetizing and less spicy Bikano namkeen options

Khatta meetha

Khatta meetha is one of the best choices. If you want to serve something perfect to kids & grandparents then this is the one you should opt for. Also, you can add a twist to khatta meetha by sprinkling some aloo bhujia on it. Bikano aloo bhujia 1kg price is approximately Rs 247 and having this at your home will be a good idea.

Malai sev

Malai sev is a perfect option for all age groups. This is made up of chickpea flour and has the least spice level to it. What also makes it the best namkeen of all times is that it has a smooth texture and can be quite filling hence this makes it a great pick. Also, the small packets of malai sev are easy to carry while travelling.

Moong dal

Other than Bikano bhujia, Moong dal is another option that will keep you hooked with its roasted flavour and perfect crunch. If you want to try anything more than bhujia and sev, then make sure to try this one next time you're ordering a savoury for yourself and you will not regret it.

Falahari mixture

Falahari mixture is a perfect choice and has delectable flavours. The mixture is made up of crunchy and salty potato sticks and is garnished with peanuts. The taste is quite uniquely delicious and is a must-try if you are searching for a flavourful namkeen to devour upon.

All these recommendations will not disappoint you. These savouries are packed with deliciousness, the best flavours and the most authentic taste. So, make sure to pick the one that interests you the most from Bikano which is one of the best namkeen brands in India.

What Makes Bikano a leading Brand in snacks category

What Makes Bikano a leading Brand in snacks category

Namkeen is the best snack that could ever happen to Indians. It’s perhaps the most cherished snack in India and abroad. Gift it to your loved ones on special occasions, use it to garnish your dish, or impress your unexpected guests with it, it comes in handy in a myriad of situations.  Not to forget, you can also enjoy this lovely snack with your tea or coffee.

To truly enjoy this crispy and tasty snack, you want nothing but the best quality & taste. After all, the taste isn’t the only thing that matters; you also want to make sure what you are eating has superior quality ingredients. This is where Bikano namkeen comes into the picture, providing families with the best quality namkeen constantly over the years.

Renowned for its range of heartwarming, delicious, and authentic products, Bikano has garnered the trust and respect among Indian families. Let’s explore all the reasons that make Bikano a leading name in snacks category in India.

Authenticity in Each Serving

No matter which Bikano namkeen you buy, you will find consistent quality and taste in every grain. Having authenticity etched in its core values since the beginning, the brand uses the finest quality ingredients sourced carefully and manufactures every product in its state-of-the-art facilities spread across India. To ensure that the final product offers the most authentic taste to the consumers, it follows a rigorous quality check and the best food manufacturing practices.

Taste You Can Never Find Elsewhere

Bikano is specifically known for introducing different tastes and flavours with the launch of every product in the market. It offers relishing, tangy, and crunchy namkeens that are sure to tantalise your taste buds while leaving your belly full. Whether you want the traditional, rich taste of bhujia or something that freshens you up like Natkhat Nimbu, or the famous drink partner Navratan Mixture, it has you covered with its wide range of tasty, crispy, and lip-smacking namkeens. No matter your preference, you will find the perfect taste to satiate your cravings at Bikano.

The Variety that Brings Happiness

Bikano has something for every taste bud. From Bhujia to Peanuts and Ganthiya, you can choose from a wide variety of namkeens that suit different taste palates. For its myriad of flavour and taste options, from spicy and tangy to normal, Bikano has established itself among the top namkeen brands in India.

The Legacy that Speaks for Itself

What started with a dream is now India’s most trusted and sought-after brand for sweets and snacks. Our legacy started in 1950 with a small joint at Chandni Chowk—named BIKANERVALA. Today, we, Bikano, are one of the top producers of the finest quality snacks & sweets. It’s our years of experience and the trust and confidence that families put in us that encourage us to deliver nothing but the best.

Unmatched Quality

Bikano products are synonymous with quality, offering you the most authentic taste you will ever find on the market. Bikano implements the highest standards of total quality management at each step of the manufacturing process, from raw materials to end products, to consistently bring safe and quality products to the market. While there are many other namkeen brands on the market, Bikano is undoubtedly the best snacks brand in India for its authentic taste, uncompromising quality, variety, and legacy.

If you are fond of Bikano namkeen or snacks, feel free to browse our collection and get it delivered to your doorstep.

Bikano Bhujia : Humse Behtar Bhujia Ko Jaane Kaun

Bikano Bhujia : Humse Behtar Bhujia Ko Jaane Kaun

Snack trends come and go. But bhujia remains forever, and for all the good reasons. Also called bhujia sev and Bikaneri bhujia, it’s a delightfully crunchy and tasty snack packed with a distinct salty flavour and texture that makes for an unbelievable crunch. There’s always something nostalgic about dumping a handful of this finely grated savoury snack into your mouth. Consume it with tea or garnish your meals with it, its appeal is undeniable.

If you have never tried bhujia—which is highly unlikely—it’s about time you go to your nearest grocery store and get yourself a pack of Bikano Bikaneri Bhujia now. Our bhujia is something you would love to devour. But why Bikano? Why not other brands?

Bikano is a renowned snack and sweets Brand that needs no introduction to Indian families when it comes to quality, authentic bhujia. There’s a reason we say, “Humse Behtar Bhujia Ko Jaane Kaun.” Let's delve into some reasons why our bhujia is the best you can find on the market.

A legacy that Speaks for Itself

Even though Bikano was launched in 1988, its roots go back to the time when namkeens were just introduced to the Indian market. Since inception, we have crossed and explored geographic boundaries to get our hands on the most authentic namkeen. With so much time spent getting to know the distinct taste that makes namkeen a delightful crunch, we know what namkeens should taste like.

Bhujia has been the legacy and consistency of our brand with a taste you will only find in our Bikano Bikaneri Bhujia & Aloo Bhujia, and that makes it the most beloved snack among Indian families.

Authenticity You can Count On

Bikaneri Bhujia, characterized by its mustard yellow texture, distinct Bikaneri flavour, and delightful crunchiness, is never enough for a true snack lover. Our understanding of bhujia and love to protect its authentic taste allows us to deliver you nothing but the most authentic snack that speaks volumes. With the premium quality ingredients, we prepare our bhujia following the recipe passed on by our forefather’s native to Bikaner. And that’s the secret to our bhujia being loved by every family across the country.

Finest Quality Ingredients Possible

It’s no secret that bhujia is available across the country and sold by thousands of manufacturers, big and small. However, compared to regular bhujia you will find elsewhere, Bikano bhujia is different. It’s our recipe and ratio of finest quality ingredients that gives it a crispy, savoury & most authentic taste that making for a textural delight for all taste buds. So, instead of eating any bhujia, dip yourself in crunchy & tasty bhujia with Bikano.

If you love bhujia and want to cherish the most authentic taste and flavour, rush to your nearest grocery store today and get yourself a pack of your favourite Bikano Bikaneri Bhujia & Aloo Bhujia. You can also reach out to us, and we will make sure your taste buds are satisfied in no time. Also, share your thoughts on Bikano Bhujia with us through our social media.

Most delicious snacks to serve your guests

Most delicious snacks to serve your guests

Friends and family visiting your house can be an absolute time to enjoy but one needs to be prepared to host them well. Right from the welcoming snacks to tea time snacks, there should be a variety of savoury delights to offer your guests. So, if friends and family are going to pay you a visit soon then you should definitely consider the following options. Also, when it comes to food then you should rely on only Bikano, one of the top snacks brands in India and also the best chips brands in India

Here are the best famous Indian snacks options to serve your guests

1) Hexa chips

Hexa chips are hexagonal-shaped chips that come in a refreshing and contemporary flavour of cream and onion. These are the perfect alternative to regular namkeens or potato chips as they are deliciously flavoured and enjoyable.

2) Chatpat Papad

These small chatpat papads are small crackers made from pulses, flour and spices. These fried small papads are tasty and crispy options to serve your guests. These go well with tea or coffee which makes them an excellent snack. You can also serve them with lunch or dinner.

3) Chatax star stix

A perfect snack to serve your guests should be crispy, spicy, and crunchy & this is exactly what chatak star stix is like. Made up of maize and rice flour these stix are comfortable in eating and taste delectable. You should definitely consider this.

4) Mini samosa

Nothing is more perfect than a samosa when it comes to serving your guest a snack that is perfect in every way. The mini samosa will go well with other side dishes, namkeens or chips. So, to impress your guests don't forget to include these extra delicious small samosas

You can create a perfect menu for your guests with the help of Bikano's delicious food items. Here you can get the above-listed delicacies which are of the finest quality. So, if you're planning to host an event & welcome guests make sure to order these delights soon.

Perfect and delicious picnic snacks options from Bikano

Perfect and delicious picnic snacks options from Bikano

A picnic time is one of the best moments of life. A long weekend or vacation from school calls for spending some rejuvenating time with your family. If you're planning a trip or picnic with family, we know you can't miss out on the delicious food items. Here are the famous Indian snacks options you can consider packing in. You can order the following from Bikano, one of the best chips brands in India

1) Potato chips

Potato chips in India have always been the most loved and famous snacks. At Bikano you can get a variety of these chips and the best part is each of them is flavourful. From classic salted to chatak masala variants, you can get potato chips of any flavour you like

2) Crunchy Munchy

Crunchy munchy is another best option to get. You can enjoy this on your picnic with maggie and tea or coffee. Crunchy munchy is sticks of potato and pulses flour that are suitable for snacking as they have the perfect spice, crunch and taste.

3) Maida kachori

Maida kachori is another crispy snack option that will help you to have a happy picnic time with your family. These kachoris are made of refined wheat flour and are stuffed with spicy pulses. Children love to have these small kachoris and that's why you must carry them.

4) Tangy Fatax rings

Including a tangy flavoured food item in your picnic basket is a must. Tangy fatax rings are lightweight tang-flavoured puffed rings of corn and rice girt. They taste perfect and if you're running out of options then it's time to pick this one

So next time when you plan a trip or picnic with your family or friends, do keep these options in mind as they are all you need. From best quality to perfect taste, these options are widely available online and offline and hence you can get them easily.

Why Bikano Rasgulla is the perfect sweet of all times

Why Bikano Rasgulla is the perfect sweet of all times

If there has to be one sweet that has been part of all our celebrations and good times then it has to be rasgulla. From spongy texture to excellent taste this sweet is irresistible and loaded with perfection in every bite. If you're searching for the best rasgullas then don't forget to visit Bikano which is one of the top 10 sweets brands in India

Here's why it's the best :-

Comes in various types

From rajbhog rasgulla to cham cham, all the variants are perfectly delicious thanks to their balanced crispiness and sweetness. No matter which variant you choose, it is always a marvelous delicacy to enjoy. So if you have ordered Bikano gulab jamun or Bikano besan laddu before, then do give this one a try this time

Perfect for all festivals & celebrations

If you have a celebration at home or are visiting friends or family on an auspicious day then rasgulla is the perfect choice. From gifting to serving your guests, its perfect taste and texture can make your celebrations full of sweetness. So, don't forget to order this when festivities are around the corner

Good Nutritional profile

Rasgullas are loaded with proteins which are essential for health. Since rasgullas are made by curdling milk it also has calcium and Vitamin D which are known to strengthen bone and muscle health. It is also fibrous and hence good for digestion. All these make it a perfect pick.

It's non-fried & less in calories

Rasgullas are less in calories and also not fried as compared to many other Indian desserts. You can discard or reduce its syrup to make it less sugar loaded. Hence, having this sweet is one of the safest options.

All these reasons can help you in making sure that when you opt for rasgulla then you're making the right decision. Make sure to enjoy bowls of these perfect delights by placing your order today.

Best sweets options to enjoy the monsoon season

Best sweets options to enjoy the monsoon season

Monsoon season is a respite period from scorching sun and heat waves. Enjoying the rainy days with some of the finest desserts is one of the best moments to relish. Since monsoon is around the corner here are a few suggestions that you can consider indulging in as they are perfectly flavourful and delicious to enjoy the weather.

At Bikano you can easily find these sweets of the best quality as Bikano is one of the top 10 sweets brands in India

Here are the sweets options

Bikano Gulab jamun

A steaming hot platter of gulab jamun can make your rainy days extra enjoyable. You can order your box of gulab jamun and at the right time serve them to enjoy the season relishing the best delicacy. You can also opt for mini gulab jamuns as well.

Rajbhog rasgulla

Rasgullas are always a great option to have, rajbhog rasgullas are another alternative to have a feast of delight while enjoying the rains. Serve them chilled or at the room temperature, the taste and texture will be excellent to be pleased with

White or red feni

Feni is another great option to enjoy the rains. The fried vermicelli cooked in milk and served hot is the perfect choice that you should definitely not give a miss. The cooking time of feni is also less and hence it can be made and enjoyed whenever you want

Karachi halwa

Karachi halwa is the perfect option as it has a bit of savoury flavours with sweetness. This dessert is made of starch and garnished with dry fruits. This is what you should give a try next time you have plans to enjoy the weather with friends and family.

You can buy any of the above delights from Bikano as it has only fresh and finest quality sweets. Don't forget to order your favourite today and make your days sweeter and more enjoyable.

Nuts and dal namkeens that are perfect snacking options

Nuts and dal namkeens that are perfect snacking options

Are you always searching for something new, unique and delish at the same time that you can include in your snacking options? The search for finding a perfect pack of namkeen is about to end here. Below are the top recommendations of namkeens loaded with nuts and dals (lentils) so that you get a complete package of taste and some nutrition. So don't forget to try these recommendations from Bikano, one of the top namkeen brands in India

1) Chana dal namkeen

Lentils or dal are full of protein and having them as snacks is a great option. The bikano bhujia 1 kg price is Rs. 272 And bikano aloo bhujia 1 kg price is Rs. 272.You can mix either of the two with chana dal and enjoy all these flavours with a steaming cup of tea for

2) Dal mixture

A bowl full of a crunchy spicy mixture of daal (lentils) is simply unbeatable and so next time you want to buy a namkeen don't forget about this mix as you will be able to have different lentils blended deliciously with a good nutritional value

3) Cocktail nuts mix

This one option is excellent not only for your everyday snacking but also for any party or celebration that you may have. These savoury nuts mixtures can beat any delicious namkeen type. This comes packed with the power of Bengal gram, peanuts, chickpea and cashew hence you should give it a try for sure

4) Classic salted peanut

If there is something that will always be the evergreen option to grab, then it has to be a classic salted peanut. The perfect roasted flavours of peanuts garnished with salt make it a savoury indulgence that can uplift your mood and provide you the needed refreshment

All these above suggestions are great to keep you going as these are some of the best snacks of all time. Don't forget to place your order and stock up on the ones that you love the most. All of these choices are made using the finest quality ingredients hence you can trust this completely.

Top namkeen mixtures that are best for evening munching

Top namkeen mixtures that are best for evening munching

We all love namkeens and having some with a hot cup of tea or a glass of any cold beverage just makes our day. Namkeen mixtures are another type of savoury that you can enjoy anytime of the day. These are loaded with several delectable flavours making them perfect delights to munch on whenever you wish to have something delish. There are many namkeen brands in India but it's best to only indulge in a brand that makes best quality snacks.

Here are the recommendations from Bikano, which is one of the best namkeen brands in India

Kashmiri Mixture

If you always grab bikaneri bhujia and now are looking for some new delicious options then Kashmiri mixture is the answer. It is loaded with potato sticks, rice flakes, melon seeds and cashew nuts. All these make it an irresistible delight and that's why you must give it a try

Cornflakes mixture

This is one option that you will not have guilt indulging in as it comes with cornflakes, cashew and raisins. Not only these are delicious to taste but also good for health and hence you should certainly consider including in your evening snacking list

Dry fruit mixture

Imagine having dry fruits with your namkeen. This not only sounds great but is also an excellent option to have. This mix is made up of crunchy spicy potato sticks, chickpea noodles and of course dry fruits and hence it's a delicious delight to have everyday

Chit chat mixture

If you love having something that is more on a spicier side then chit-chat should be your next pick. It is made up of cornflakes, peanuts, rice flour and split Bengal gram. All these are great ingredients for munching and hence you should not miss this one

If you're a savoury lover then these options are great for you. If you haven't tried them already make sure to do so as they are made using the finest ingredients and taste most delicious.

The best snack options recommended for kids

The best snack options recommended for kids

Like adults, kids love munching and snacks are definitely one of the most favourite things that they enjoy indulging in. While searching for a snack brand for your kids it's essential to rely only on a brand that uses safe ingredients to make its products. Bikano is one of the oldest brands in the market that makes food products using the finest quality. It adheres to FMCG products which makes it one of the best chips brands in India

Here are the best snacking options from Bikano, one of the most reliable and top snacks brand in India

Tangy tomato

Potato chips in India are one of the most loved savouries and rightly so. Its delish taste in every bite and crispiness makes it a perfect binge on option with hot or cold beverages. Tangy tomato is a perfect delight as its tanginess is neither too bland nor spicy and so it is loved by kids.

Simply salted

Making kids have too spicy savouries can prove to be bad for their health and hence simply salted is one the best alternative to go for. These chips are plain and free from any spices or chilli flavours. Simply salted is a flavoursome option & will surely be loved by kids.

Hexa chips

Hexa chips are hexagonal shaped chips that come in a refreshing flavour of cream and onions making them an ideal snacking option for the kids. Hexa chips should be your go-to chips if your kids love something more on the contemporary side of snacking.

Bikano baked delight

If you always are on a search for baked chips brands in India, then your search ends here. The baked delight from Bikano is an assorted collection of snacks that your kids will absolutely drool over. It has sweet and savoury cookies which are perfect for evening snacking.

These options are great to serve kids. You can serve them as refreshment when they need a break from studies. These snacking options are easily available across online and offline markets and so don't forget to place your order soon.

Authentic and budget friendly sweets perfect to relish this season

Authentic and budget friendly sweets perfect to relish this season

The year 2022 is here and if you are searching for some delicious sweets to relish then here are some of the authentic and pocket-friendly sweets that you should try. These sweets are a great option and have a perfect blend of taste, texture and flavours.

Soan papdi:

Soan papdi is one of the best sweets with a soft & uniquely flaky texture that you can enjoy anytime. This serves as a perfect delight even if you don't have a sweet tooth. Bikano soan papdi 1kg price is Rs. 350 only and Bikano soan papdi 500gm price is Rs.195 and so you can enjoy this sweet without burning a hole in your pocket.


Just like Bikano soan papdi, patisa is another delicacy that is a perfect dessert to indulge in. If you're looking for a sweet option that is rich in taste but easy on the pocket, then the premium patisa made with chickpea and refined flour garnished with almonds is what you should definitely pick up.

Kesar petha:

Kesar petha is another option that should be present on your must-have dessert list. Kesar makes any dessert sweeter, tastier and hence kesar petha as well as Kesar rasgulla are two great options that you can indulge in without giving a second doubt. So don't forget to grab them soon.

Gulab jamun

Gulab jamun is one sweet that no one should miss having. With the soft-texture, delectable taste and the rich flavour, gulab jamun is exactly what you should pick up next time you are craving something good. You can easily grab gulab jamun minis or gulab jamun normal size from Bikano.

Bikano is one of the best Indian sweets brands in India and has an array of authentic and delightful sweets options to choose from. If you are searching to grab some delicious delights, don't forget to order your favourite one. You can easily place your order online or by visiting the nearest Bikano store.

Famous and Delightful sweets perfect for summers

Famous and Delightful sweets perfect for summers

Summers are incomplete without refreshing and delightful sweets. One of the best ways to beat the heat and scorching sun is to indulge yourself in some of the most sweet, refreshing & delicious treats. These options given below are highly irresistible in summers because of their light texture and flavourful taste in every bite. Here are some of the top desserts that you should stock up on to enjoy your summer season. Don't forget to buy your favourite delight from Bikano, one of the top 10 sweets brands in India. Also, you can easily order these online or visit the nearest offline Bikano store.


Rosogolla is one of the most popular sweets. These spongy balls dipped in sugar syrup are a light and highly delicious delicacy that has perfection in every bite. This summer don't forget to enjoy a chilled bowl of full roshogulla. Also don't forget to try out Kesar rasgulla, another variant which is also high recommended .

Cham cham

Cham cham is also an irresistible delight that can be enjoyed anytime of the day. These cylindrical shaped sugar balls have a smooth texture. Also these are garnished with mawa or dry fruits giving them extra flavours. If you have tried Bikano gulab jamun or bikano besan laddu, then you would love the cham cham too.


It's true that one can never get enough rasgullas but rajbhog rasgulla is a bit extra special. It's extra smooth texture prepared in milk solids or chenna makes it a perfect indulgence to enjoy. If you haven't tried this already, then this season keep this in must try list and you will love it surely .


Rasmalai has its own place and undeniably it is one of the most popular sweets in India. Having rasmalai chilled is one of the best desserts to enjoy this season. If you have guests visiting you soon then don't forget to offer them rasmalai as this is simply perfection in every way

All these dessert recommendations are great to keep you going this season. These perfect sweets are sure to give your burst of flavours, refreshment and a complete delightful experience. So don't forget to try them soon.

Delicious Recipes that can be made using bhujias and namkeens

Delicious Recipes that can be made using bhujias and namkeens

Good food leads to a good mood and what's better than trying out recipes that are just perfectly delicious and easy to make at home. Next time when you can spare some time don't forget to try these recommendations. In less time these unique food recipes can be prepared at home easily. You can make the following using bhujias or namkeens from Bikano. The bhujia 1 kg price is Rs 272 (approx) & Bikano aloo bhujia 1 kg price is Rs 272(approx)

Bhujia paratha

Bhujia paratha is the one that is made by stuffing aloo bhujia or bikaneri bhujia into your paratha. Craving something new and delicious for breakfast is a common thing and with this recipe, you can get your breakfast or even lunch sorted in the most delicious way.

Bhujia bhel

Who doesn't like a bowl full of bhel? It is one of the perfect indulgence for everyone. Here's a new bhel that you must try out. Just mix some bhujia with onions, tomatoes and add a bit of lime juice. Bikano aloo bhujia 400g price is Rs 90( approx) and using this you can make a delish bhel easily.

Namkeen kachori

You can use sev namkeen or any other namkeen left at your home for this. Grind it into powder, add salt, green red chilli and other spices and fry it. Voila, there you will have a delicious kachori to enjoy with your friends and family.

Kurkure spring rolls

We all know that spring rolls are incredibly easy to make at home. You can jazz it up further with ingredients like chips, bhujias and namkeens from Bikano. These super crispy, Kurkure veg spring is perfect delight that you should not miss.

These recommendations will be dearly loved by all from children to old age people. Next time do try any of these and serve them hot with a steaming cup of tea or coffee.

Non spicy namkeen variants that are must try

Non spicy namkeen variants that are must try

If you love savouries and look forward to having some delectable namkeens in your evening tea time, then you are at the right place. These top recommendations are some of the best non-spicy variants that are great options to stock. All of them are perfectly tasty, crunchy and filling too. So don't forget to get any of the following from Bikano, one of the top namkeen brands in India

Sev namkeen

The first one has to be sev namkeen. Made up of chickpea flour with balanced spiciness, it's a great choice for people who don't like chilli or spices much. if you're bit bored of regular snacks or Bikaneri bhujia, and are looking to try something different then this is a great alternative .

Shahi mixture

Shahi mixture has the perfect balance of a bit of sweet flavour with crunchy peanuts, cashew, raisins and bhujia. This is a great pick that you can devour anytime. As the name suggests, it tastes shahi best and is perfect when you're craving something exceptionally good

Khatta meetha

If you always search for a great option that is more than spice and crunch, then khatta meetha can be your perfect delight to indulge in. Loaded with lentils and cereals this is best to satiate your taste buds when you feel like having something tasty. Khatta meetha also tastes delish with tea as well as cold beverages.

Cornflakes Mixture

Cornflakes mixture is one of the best alternatives to opt for. It's a delicious mixture made up of crunchy cornflakes, namkeen and cashew that give a perfect gastronomical experience. This is also a good choice if you're looking for some good snacking options for kids or old age people.

Other than bikano bikaneri bhujia and other spicy namkeens, these options are a great deal. Not only are they tasty but are also versatile snacks. You can easily have them with other evening snacks and beverages. Also, they are mildly spicy and hence will match your personal preference and liking.

Guilt Free and traditional sweets indulgences you must try out

Guilt Free and traditional sweets indulgences you must try out

Indian traditional sweets have always been part of our heritage and culture. They are also an inseparable part of our every celebration because of their taste and health quotient. Other than good taste they also have rich flavours and aroma to relish upon. Loaded with fine ingredients & roasted with clarified butter, nuts and flours, make them delectable treats that are hard to resist. If you love eating sweets this article can help you know about some tasty options that are perfect to stock on and much on every time you crave something delicious.

All the suggestions listed here are available at Bikano, one of the top sweets brands in India that has everything from best rasgulla in India to best best barfi in India

Sugar free soan papdi

If you love soan papdi then you're at the right place. At Bikano you can get Best soan papdi in India that is sugar free. Going Sugar free is good for your health. You can indulge in this delicacy without any guilt and this is what makes it a good option to prefer over others

Panjeeri laddu

Panjeeri laddus are traditional Indian sweets that are recommended for better energy levels and if you're searching for an option that is not degrading to your health then opt for the best Best besan laddu in India or panjeeri and til laddus that are loaded with fine ingredients

Desi ghee soan cake

Sohan cakes are made in desi ghee and garnished with nuts. Desi ghee has proven health benefits and that's why having sohan cake is an appetizing, delicious and healthy indulgence. You can easily refrigerate it to have it chilled. Even at room temperature, it tastes really good.

Premium Patisa

Patisa can be a good option if you get it from Bikano. Made by roasting chickpeas and wheat flour with clarified butter and topping them with almonds, the patisa is also appetizing. You can have patisa anytime of the day, it's best as an refreshment and can satiate your hunger pangs.

All these options are great to munch on as they are made with safe ingredients and their quality adheres to FMCG standards. Make sure to stock your favourite sweets out of these as you will love them in every bite.

Why potato chips are the best and most popular snacking option

Why potato chips are the best and most popular snacking option

Potato chips in India are dearly loved by all. Whether we talk about any of the age groups, these light yet crisply fried savouries are the go-to snacks for everyone. There are multiple reasons for its immense popularity which makes it a perfect snacking option that is here to stay. These flavourful delights are easily available everywhere, however, it's best to rely on one of the most reliable chips brands in India and Bikano is the absolutely right choice as it manufactures using only the finest quality ingredients with proper adherence to FMCG standards

Here are some of the reason that makes it the best munching option

1) A delicious taste in every bite

Salty, aromatic and flavourful, what else is needed in the snacking options? You can enjoy them anytime. Whether you have a celebration at home or need casual evening snacks, this is the perfect option because of the delicious taste in every bite.

2) Wide variety of options

From plain salted to masala variant, there are an array of options to pick your favourite option. This is why these are loved across all age groups. If you like some refreshing flavours such as mint or onion and cream, the options for the same are available here as well. Hence when it comes to the taste & varieties, you can never be disappointed.

3) Easy to munch on anywhere anytime

Some snacks may not be convenient to carry around and munch on anywhere or anytime, however when it comes to potato chips they easily slide into tiffin boxes, travel carry bags or even handbags. This make them a perfect fit to carry around and have it quickly when you want satiate your hunger pangs.

4) Goes well with almost every food and beverage option

If you are all set out to go out for a picnic, a road trip or have a bunch of friends coming in, potato chips are the perfect choice as whatever other food items or beverage options you may have, these go well with cold or hot beverages and so having them is always a great idea

All the above-listed reasons explain the immense popularity and so if you are searching for the best potato chips in India, then Bikano is the right place as it has the best flavours to devour upon. The quality and taste are impressive making them a perfect snack to serve your guests or have it for yourself when you crave to have something just perfect.

What makes Bikaneri Bhujia popular and loved by all

What makes Bikaneri Bhujia popular and loved by all

Bikaneri bhujia definitely comes to everyone's mind when we search for a perfect snack or savoury. We all enjoy having it and always prefer this. The reason is simple: it is crispy, spicy, and flavourful. Other than enjoying it as a standalone snack we can sprinkle it on top of varieties of dishes. It is also best as a refreshment if you want to pair it with a cold or hot beverage making it a highly versatile snacking option.

So here are some of the reasons why stocking up on this namkeen is a great option. You can easily find the best bhujia namkeen in India at Bikano's nearest outlet or you can also place an order online.

Here's what makes it perfect & popular:-

It has the perfect taste

Bikaneri bhujia is made up of excellent ingredients that lend it an authentic, traditional taste with a perfect texture. It has spices, chickpea flour and in some varieties, there are herbs too. The taste is sure to make your mood better and fill your tummy easily

It has numerous delicious varieties

From less spicy, aloo bhujia to lemon variants there are plenty of options that you can pick up based on your taste & preferences. Also, for people who love their namkeens extra spicy and crispy, the spicy version can be a perfect option to carry with yourself to the office or trips.

It can be sprinkled over your sandwich or bhaji

This is one of the most popular & interesting ways of using bhujia. You can simply sprinkle it on your sandwich, bread jam or eat it with bhaji. This is used in many dishes which makes it another reason for being so popular and dearly loved by all.

Serve it with any sweet or cookies

The combination of sweets and savoury is perfect. If you have guests or a bunch of friends coming up then serve them some bhujia with your favourite cookies or sweets and you will have the best platter to offer to your guests. You can also serve them the best aloo bhujia in India from Bikano.

The reasons the Bikaneri bhujia received high popularity is its taste and also the versatility that makes it possible to pair it with almost everything. Having this namkeen will help you to create a lot of new things & also enjoy it whenever you crave something delicious to have.

Different variants of Rasgullas that are perfect delights

Different variants of Rasgullas that are perfect delights

Indeed, rasgullas are perfect delights. Made up of sugar and flour, these are one of the most loved and oldest sweets that is part of our celebrations. Needless to say it is also a highly versatile sweet, perfect for every season. Whether you serve them chilled or at room temperature, they are always delectable and that is why we thought of curating different types and variants of Rasgullas that are completely a must try. These all variants have a unique taste and texture and this is what makes them a perfect indulgence. Also, don't forget to pay a visit to nearest Bikano outlet for getting your hands on the best rasgulla in India.


Rosogulla is the most famous rasgulla variant. Originating from West Bengal it has swept the whole globe with its delicious and wholesome taste and size. Trying out rosogulla is a must as nothing can beat this traditional sweet.

Rajbog Rasgulla

Rajbhog is a highly popular Indian sweet. Rajbhog is a spongy and soft textured dessert that has a refreshing aroma and taste. If you love rasgulla but need something new then rajbhog is the perfect alternative option to try out. Check out Bikano for the best rajbhog rasgulla in India

Cham cham

Cham cham varies a bit from Rasgulla as it is not served in sugar syrup and is instead stuffed and garnished making it a highly appetising delicacy. Cham cham is also good if you love a bit savoury in your dessert as cham cham generally has dry fruits, pistas or coconut garnishing


Rasbhari is a mini rasgulla however there still is a difference in taste and texture. They are smaller and softer, lending them their own unique qualities. Further there are two variants of Rasbhari - lal rasbhari and white rasbhari that you must also give a try as they are the perfect desserts that you can have anytime

All these varieties are great if you have an upcoming function or an event. If you love exploring sweet delicacies then all these will help you to come across some of the best traditional sweets in India. Also for trying out these sweets and much more don't forget to visit Bikano, the best sweets brands in India

Traditional and most popular Sweets in India

Traditional and most popular Sweets in India

Bikano is one of the best sweets brands in India. It serves authentic flavorsome sweets that can be a perfect delight if you have a sweet tooth or if you are craving to have a good and authentic dessert.

With plenty of options available one can choose to settle for the sweet that is one's favourite as the wide array of options will never disappoint. Here are some of the most traditional and authentic and popular sweets in India loved by all and are must try

Gulab Jamun Rasgulla

Gulab jamun and Rashulla are two similar yet different sweets in India. For centuries these two sweets have been ruling the hearts of Indians. If you are looking for the best Gulab jamun and Rasgulla in India, then definitely give these fresh and delectable delights a try.

Boondi and Besan laddu

Boondi and Besan laddu are so popular in India that it is even made in every household at some point of time. If you want to experience the exact authentic taste of the best boondi laddu and of best besan laddu in India, then make sure to pay us a visit soon.

Besan barfi

We have the best besan barfi in India. Pure and fresh ingredients made to perfection is what we serve. If you are searching for authentic and delectable Besan Barfi, your search ends here

Soan papdi

Yet another popular and traditional delight of all times, soan papdi is the  one just cannot skip. For years we are making and serving the best son papdi in India, which is adored by everyone


Petha is one of the sweetest indulgence.  There are varieties of petha available like chocolate, paan, angoori etc.  If you want best dry petha in India, best kesar angoori petha or any other variety of petha is in your mind, then you would love us as we are the best petha maker.


Rajbhog is another most popular Indian indulgence made in sugar syrup. If you love desserts dipped in syrup and looking forward to have the best rajbhoj in India or

If you are keen to find the best rajbhog rasgulla brand in India, visit us as we would never disappoint you.

Popular Chips and Snacks options in India

Popular Chips and Snacks options in India

Chips are the perfect snacking option which we cannot get enough of. Filled with right and delectable flavors, chips are the most popular munching options available with us. If you are wondering to know the best chips for your next indulgence, here are all the popular chips options that you must give a try. 

Not only savory or sweet, Bikano houses options for the best chips in India. Children and even adults are obsessed with chips. Being the best snack brand in India, here we bring the best chips and snack option to get from Bikano

Some of the popular chips in India are:-

Simply salted

Simply salted is one of the classic flavors of chips of all times. No matter what the age group is, this is one chip that is loved by all alike. Simply salted is low on spice and aromatic herbs. The plain salted flavor makes it unique and one of its own kind

Potato chips 

Potato chips in India are loved by all. Whether it is classic salted potato chips or spicy potato chips, this is one of the most popular chips in India. You can accompany your favorite potato chips with your favorite hot or cold beverage and voila! you have the best snacking option ready with you. So for the best potato chips in India of all varieties visit Bikano today

Chatak masala chips

Kurkure chips are spiced with the best herbs and spices. Everyone loves spicy snacks and Bikano's chatak masala chips is one of the types that everyone just cannot stop indulging in. If you love flavor of authentic and rich herbs and spices, giving this chips a try is a must

Cream and onion chips

Another unique flavor that everyone loves is considered one of the best snacks in India. Cream and onion is not as spicy as its counterparts but as an alternative of chips variety they have a good contemporary flavor to it. Cream and onion goes best with coffee or a cold drink and is a must try if you prefer less spicy

Bikano is one of the top snacks brands in India. It caters to a variety of flavors so that everyone finds a good snack for themselves. The quality ingredients and best formulations have given rise to an array of chips, making Bikano the most popular chips brands in India. If you love indulging into snacks that are simply delectable, get the best chips of your taste from Bikano today.

Top most delectable flavourful Namkeen types in India

Top most delectable flavourful Namkeen types in India

It is true that there is no scarcity of good and delectable namkeens in India. With unlimited options of snacking one might end up getting confused as to which option to go for. Whether it is your evening cup of tea or a snack that you need to binge watch a good series, namkeen are the best food companion you can get.

What is an absolute must have is a packaged good namkeen that you can devour anytime you crave something good to eat. With hundreds of options available, here are the best namkeen that everyone just loves and are the best snacking option of all time.

Aloo bhujia

Aloo bhujia is a classic namkeen that has been loved for centuries. Bikano aloo bhujia is the best aloo bhujia in India that you can get. Crispy and spicy it is a perfect fit everywhere. Whether you are sipping your evening tea or just want to sprinkle it over your sandwich, aloo bhujia is a definite must try. If you are searching for the best aloo bhujia namkeen brand in India, Bikano is the best brand for it. 

Bikaneri Namkeen

Bikaneri namkeens are the traditional and most authentic namkeens to indulge in. Whether it is bikaneri aloo bhujia or kurkure bikaneri bhujia, this classic namkeen will help you to satiate your taste buds easily. At Bikano, you can grab the bikaneri bhujia namkeen that have the traditional flavors. 

Sev Namkeen

Alongwith the best bhujia namkeen in India, Bikano also has an array of tasty namkeens to offer. It also has the bhujia sev namkeen. This namkeen is a must try as it has its own unique taste which lends perfect snacking delight. 

Bikano navratan mixture

A navratan mixture is a perfect blend of different unique flavors. Navratan mixture is one of the classic namkeen of all time. The mixture has every ingredient needed for the perfect snack and namkeen option. You can have delicious navratan mix anytime of the day as the perfect lip smacking namkeen option.

The above listed namkeens are a must try. Famous for their taste and flavors these namkeens are what you need for your next snacking choice. Bikano offers the best namkeen in India. Whether you are searching for bhujia namkeen or navratan mixture, it has the namkeen of every variety making it a brand that has the best flavourful namkeens for everyone.

Healthy and Tasty snacks food items as per FMCG standard

Healthy and Tasty snacks food items as per FMCG standard

Since festivity is around the corner, it is time to buck up and embrace for some delicious food and snack sessions. As much as we love indulging in various delish foods and beverages, we cannot help but ignore how ill affected our health becomes due to over indulgence. The guilt pleasure trips after every round of tasty eating has always caused stress and regrets. But this time no more, here we have tried to bring the best snacks in India that you will love. These top snacks brands in India are sure to make your drool over. To make your health a priority we have tried to enlist food items as per FMCG standards that are not only tasty but healthy as well. Not only have we tried to bring to you the best snacks brands in Delhi but we have tried to bring famous snacks brands in India overall.

Have a look at our thoughtfully made list about the best snacks in india

1)Bikano Namkeen

Bikano has an amazing range of wide namkeens. Loved by all and rated as one of the most famous namkeen brands in India. According to certifications Bikano is one of the top namkeen brands in India. From classic aaloo bhujia to shahi mixture there is nothing that Bikamo doesn't have. So this festive season give a try to most famous namkeen in India.

 2)Potato chips

There are a lot of popular chips in India, but Bikano's potato chips are the most crispy and delicious snacks you can enjoy. It has to be the most consumed & best potato chips in delhi ncr and India. Approved by FMCG, Bikano is one of the approved chips brands in Delhi and most popular chips in India.

 3)Bikano sweets

Whether we talk about the best sweets in Delhi or best sweets brands in India, Bikano tops the list. Its organic ingredients and authentic flavours are best. Whether you talk about :-

best rasgulla in India

best gulab jamun in India

Bikano boondi laddu

Bikano besan barfi

Bikano besan laddu 

Bikano son papdi 

Kesar Angoori Petha

Bikano is the famous sweets brand in India

4)Bikano's maida snacks

Everyone loves their snacks. Whether it is evening time with family or tea time, crispy and delicious snacks are everyone favourite. Whether it is best maida mathri in India, maida ki meethi mathri,  meethi mathri snacks or everyone's favourite Bikano mini samosa, Bikano's is one the best meethi mathri brands and has the best maida snacks of all time.

5)Tasty and healthy Gift packs

If you are looking for some really great options for gifting, Bikano is here to the rescue. If the following is somewhat you are looking for

best diwali sweets

sweet gifts for Diwali

best diwali mithai gift

sweets for Diwali

Sweet gift packs for rakhi

best diwali sweet gift pack

best sweet gift pack for raksha bandhan

Then, visit the nearest Bikano centre or order these delicacies online.

These all snacks are best in FMCG. Not only taste but they are also best for your health. Bikano possesses all certifications needed to become the safest to consume food brand. With all these suggestions, we hope you can find your perfect snack.

Stay Snacky and Stay Up to date with BIKANO

Stay Snacky and Stay Up to date with BIKANO

Everyone around us loves snacking and no matter what the time of the day it may be, we love having something nice to eat. With so many options around us, we may feel confused as to what to try out and what not to. One thing that is an assurance is that a healthy snack is something that all of us can indulge in without feeling guilty or regretful. Bikano is one promising brand that does not hurt your health

Here's a list of good Snacky indulgences from Bikano that you would love

Bikano snacks and namkeens: Bikano is synonymous with most popular chips in India. Whether it is the best maida mathri , mini samosa, best potato chips in India, Bikanos has a huge array of snacks for everyone. Whether you like shahi mix, navratan special, khata Bertha, aloo bhujia or any other maida snack, Bikano has got you covered.

Papad : Papad is the lightest snack that can elevate any meal. You can grab this light snack anytime as a refreshment. Bikano has proved to become the best papad brands in India. If you always google these following list:-

Famous Amritsari papad 

Kali Mirch papad

Punjabi papad

Sada papad

Jeera papad

Famous papad brands in India.

We have good news for you, your papad search ends at Bikano.

Winter delights: Winter days and evenings call for having good peanuts or any other sweets. If you want the best gajak in India, Rewari gajak, Bikano has everything under its roof. For the best khasta gajak sweet, kasta gur gazak, moongfali ki chikki. Visit our website today and grab your best pick.

Bikano's beverages: Beverages hold a special place in our hearts. No matter how many snacks we have, one beverage is all that is needed to make the meal ultimately best. If you need the best syrup for summer drinks then rooh afza summer drink is the tastiest and healthiest option to go for.

With all these wide options, we are sure you will be able to find the perfect snacking option for yourself. If getting the best namkeen brands in India is your aim, then Bikano is the right place to be at. We hope this article can help you get to know what Bikano has to offer and what you can grab for your next snacking time.

FMCG companies took to apps bet big on direct to consumer reach By Mr Manish Aggarwal Director Bikano

FMCG companies took to apps bet big on direct to consumer reach By Mr Manish Aggarwal Director Bikano

The eruption of Covid-19 has left millions and millions of businesses scurrying for survival. Although somewhat less affected sans some categories, the FMCG companies too did face headwinds for some time. And to counter these headwinds, technology has been the single most important intervention that they have employed during these trying times. And of the technologies, applications enabling direct route to consumer as well as other businesses in the value chain have been most prominent. While placing their faith in these applications, FMCG companies have also recast their value chains weeding out unnecessary elements at various levels allowing themselves greater leverage vis-à-vis their vendor partners and establishing a more direct connect with their end-consumers. And among FMCG firms, food companies or those with prominent food product portfolios have been particularly noteworthy for taking the app route.  A step ahead of general trade, modern trade or even traditional e-commerce channels, these apps have been the popular yet necessary go-to modes for these companies.

The big B2C advantage

How does B2C prove to be advantageous for FMCG companies? Until now, customer-relationship building and acquiring customer insights were largely the preserve of the retailer community. However, what B2C apps do is that they facilitate a direct and one-on-one company to consumer relationship with the former no more having to make efforts to establish bonding with a faceless consumer. On top of allowing deeper end-consumer insights for companies and brands, they can catalyze a more relevant and individualized product and service propositions by the brand to the consumer thus leading to a more enriching customer experience which in turn would drive increased customer acquisition, conversion and retention for the brand. And needless to say, the power balance between the brand and the retailer is further shifted in favour of the brand and away from the retailer.

B2B applications not too far away

However, this taking to applications has not been limited to B2C channels. FMCG companies have also incorporated apps in their business processes directly targeting retailers and kirana stores who offload their products and serve as last mile seller/supplier to end-consumers. Identifying and prioritizing retailers who delivered top volume businesses, the companies made sure that the retailers continued to place orders for their products, and even more efficiently using these applications than they did before. In fact, thanks to Covid, the earlier forecasts projecting contribution of around 10% digital channels in the total FMCG market in the next ten years in the country has been advanced to next three to four years now.[1] And at the same time, cutting out or minimizing the role of distributors especially in terms of selection of retail outlets, the brands have reclaimed their power vis-à-vis the latter while effecting greater streamlining and consolidation of their distribution systems.

Proliferation of new products

While pivoting to digital technologies, B2C and B2B apps, the FMCG companies have also realigned their product portfolios in a major way capitalizing on the shifting consumer preferences and behavior in the times of the pandemic. And as part of this realignment, there has been a proliferation of new and innovative products which have been introduced to the market in the last few months. With health and hygiene being a predominant consumer focus, as many as  3,000 products in the health and hygiene category have been estimated to be launched in the September quarter alone last year. Earlier, in the April-September quarter, as many as 9,700 new products were launched by FMCG companies.[2] Mindful of and in response to the country-wide lockdowns in place and customers being confined to their homes, 125 products were introduced in home cooking segment alone during March-August 2020 in categories including ketchups, jams, cheese and milk powders.[3]

Exploring alternative channels of distribution too

Even as D2C apps gain traction, the FMCG companies are also exploring tie-ups with new-age delivery startups, food-tech service players, food aggregators, hyper local apps and courier firms to have their products delivered to the doorsteps of the end-consumer. In fact, some FMCG companies are also making product-specific tie ups with delivery platforms and micro delivery platforms.

Digitization not limited to distribution: Influencer marketing gets a boost

Rising uptake in apps and the broader digitization has not only been confined to retail and distribution, but also advertising and marketing. And riding on the increasingly entrenched position of social media and its consumption, influencer marketing has become a big part of FMCG’s digital marketing strategy in recent one year. According to a report, globally, nearly a fifth (19%) of FMCG companies has raised their influencer spending significantly as compared to pre-covid-19 levels. And within India, during the festive season campaign alone, influencer marketing saw a 20% jump in campaigns.[4] A digital marketing agency has estimated India’s influencer market at $75-150 million a year, as compared to the global market of $1.75 billion,[5] which is only set to get bigger in the coming months and years.

Other technologies that could aid the B2C momentum

At the same time, apart from apps, there are several related B2C technologies and platforms that could add teeth to the ongoing B2C drive. They could range from customer data platforms to data management platforms to marketing automation tools to business intelligence and data visualization tools to social listening tools, among others.[6]  

So, in coming future, there is no doubt that the B2C apps as part of an FMCG company’s digitization programme will acquire a more permanent dimension. Notwithstanding a resurgence of Covid in certain states, now with vaccination underway and revival of consumer sentiment in urban India, FMCG businesses including food companies are set to see greater activity and growth.  

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Brand Positioning is the Mantra to Success in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods FMCG Sector Authored by Mr Dawinder Pal Head of Marketing at Bikano

Brand Positioning is the Mantra to Success in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods FMCG Sector Authored by Mr Dawinder Pal Head of Marketing at Bikano

The FMCG sector happens to be one of the toughest and volatile categories to succeed, often regarded as modern branding’s birthplace. The FMCG market in India was valued at $110 billion in 2020. The overall market size of FMCG had nearly tripled as compared to 2012. Furthermore, by 2025, the market is expected to grow to 220 billion dollars. There are numerous brands in India catering their products to millions of people across the country and generating immense capital. However, to become recognised as a household brand, it takes a lot more than just good packaging and 'nice' logos. Brand positioning needs synchronized efforts of different moving parts to create a perception in the marketplace that drives the business forward. 

What is Brand Positioning?

Brand positioning in simple words can be defined as the place a brand wants to own in the target audience’s mind. It’s about identifying, exploring and refining the distinctiveness of a brand through effective positioning strategy. The most important aspect of positioning the brand is that it allows a company to be distinct from its competitors which helps communicate value, increase brand awareness and justify the pricing. All these factors impact the bottom line in a significant way.

Strategies that Act as Allies to Brand Positioning Efforts

Successful brands incorporate different strategies to create authentic customer experiences around their products. These brands provide their target audiences with a compelling reason to buy through effective communication and reaching out to them. While deciding to position the brand in the marketplace, there are certain strategies that can be adopted to stay ahead in the race and drive towards increasing consumer engagement.

Creating Brand Loyalty

At the heart of every successful FMCG company lies returning customers. This is especially true for the FMCG segment where products are usually consumed frequently and quickly. For long term success, brand loyalty is critical that helps ensure consumers become tunnel-visioned concerning a brand. To drive brand loyalty, many companies make the mistake of competing alone on price. It is important to understand that consumers aren’t just looking for the cheapest products. Typically they look for the right blend of value and quality. Value is not only about price but involves a complex mix of the brand promise, brand culture, brand values, corporate social responsibility, customer experience, etc. that all add up to enhance the perceived brand value.

Aligning with the Needs of the Target Audience

While this may sound odd but to become a household brand, it is desirable to be appealing to the right target audience instead of a broader audience. Apart from knowing the market, competitors, the sector's environment intimately and understanding what the ideal customer wants, it is also essential to know how the offering can enhance their lives. It’s only when there is a proper understanding of the consumer needs, loves, hates and aspirations that companies can craft a focused and concise brand message that cuts through the noise. In the present age, customers are bombarded with messages from multiple channels throughout the day. The challenge is to put forward the right message, on target to grab their attention, at the right time and then, most importantly, to hold that attention. Companies can develop a customer avatar that they can use to underpin their brand's proposition and profile. The brand should indicate why and how it'll meet the consumer needs and that it understands what really matters for the audience.

Evolving with Time

The FMCG market is undergoing constant evolvement and brands need to be flexible to be at par with the changing times. Successful brands quickly recognize trends and act on them with shifts in strategy that helps them to stay relevant and meet market requirements over the years. With increasing digital media consumption, the evolution of business models and proliferation in internet connectivity, FMCG companies have vast opportunities to create value by leveraging digital media across the value chain to drive the effectiveness of operations and efficiency. However, there is a thin line between incorporating new trends and staying relevant versus losing sight of what the brand stands for. Instead of ‘muddying the waters’  with an excessive range of confusing brand messages, brands must always remain true to the core of what they stand for.

Relevance of celebrity endorsement for traditional food brands By Mr Dawinder Pal Head of Marketing at Bikano

Relevance of celebrity endorsement for traditional food brands By Mr Dawinder Pal Head of Marketing at Bikano

In a world celebrated for its vibrant and pulsating consumer culture, elaborate and cost-intensive marketing and branding campaigns, and innovative business models, celebrities have become an inalienable part of a product’s journey into end-users’ hearts and minds. While different product/service categories have different levels of celebrity engagement in their communication with the consumer, food products have a special connect with celebrities endorsing them. After all, we are what we eat. For its part, a food brand would typically desire that its products evoke a positive imagery with a celebrity in the minds of end-consumers which would help the brand in further customer acquisition and retention boosting its revenue and profitability. In a similar vein, a traditional food brand while leveraging the inherent quality of its offerings and the popularity would wish that an inspiring association with a celebrity would add to the appeal of its products rooted in traditional culinary heritage.

Traditional food brands have greater responsibility: Food is a living extension of culture

Food preparations passed down through time and generations in a way represent and epitomize our culture. For a brand known for its traditional food products, there is greater responsibility if not burden to carry the cultural legacy and ‘spreading the good word’. In addition to retaining the pristine purity of its food products, they need to amplify the messaging not only about the goodness of its own products but also the traditional food products in general. And in a world where celebrities are treated as role models and held in such high esteem, roping in celebrities for brand endorsement for traditional food brands becomes important.

Celebrity elevates a product or a company to a brand

Without doubt, the celebrity has a major role in converting an obscure plain vanilla product into a memorable, iconic brand. By becoming the face of the product or the company, he or she authenticates the quality and the value of the product thereby instilling and engraving the product in the minds of the consumers for life. Every time a product is thought of, the particular campaign featuring the celebrity would come to the audience’s minds thereby facilitating a recall of the brand. Given that many traditional food items would have lost popularity with time, in the revival of such items by a traditional food company, celebrity endorsement becomes crucial and even helps the company leapfrog to becoming a brand in course of time.   

Congruence between a celebrity’s personal image and the food brand critical

It goes without saying that the traditional food company must find a suitable celebrity match for its brand and products. Just as the food brand itself is known for its signature products and goodies and even culinary styles, celebrities are also known for a certain lifestyle, values and ideals they espouse in public life, and even fondness and preference for some kinds of food products over others. As such, a complete alignment between a food brand’s persona and core values and the celebrity’s public image and standing must be found. Only this will lend authenticity and credibility to the brand’s campaign conducted and led by the celebrity which in turn would catalyze brand recognition and recall by end-consumers. For instance, a traditional food brand must not seek endorsement from a celebrity known for his/her lack of appreciation or dislike for traditional food items. This may even backfire on the brand and its reputation denting its market prospects and goodwill among end-customers.          

Advent of social media has reset the context for brand-celebrity partnership

Today, brands are spoilt for choices not only when it comes to selecting marketing and advertising platforms, but also celebrities. In fact, social media has come to redefine how brands can establish connect with their customers through celebrities. For a food brand, due to the nearly 24/7 presence of celebrities as well as patrons and end-consumers on social media, any endorsement and promotion of its products would keep the conversation around the brand constantly flowing keeping the end-consumer interested, or at least curious. Any positive word would only yield more positive word for the brand. Now that influencers have emerged in droves on social media known for their niche skillsets and qualities with a loyal fanbase, brands can even exercise their choice of opting for an influencer instead of a celebrity in the traditional mode. Importantly from the standpoint of a traditional food brand, not only are more people than ever today are more impelled by an affinity for ‘all things past’ including food, a substantial number of influencers happen to be chefs and food experts. Nonetheless, remember that since social media often serves as a direct medium of communication between a brand, celebrities and end-consumers with each segment being independently able to interact with the other two in real-time, political correctness, moral uprightness and above all, transparency must become the end-goal for everyone.

To sum up, while celebrity endorsement is indeed helpful for traditional food brands, the companies must remain truthful and trustworthy in terms of quality and value that they offer to their customers. Celebrity endorsement must only be a means and should not become an end in itself.

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