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Bikano has relaunched a different range of sharbat for 2022 summer with its new packaging

17/04/2022 Publication :Packaging South Asia Author :Manish Aggarwal

Bikano has recently relaunched a range of Sharbats for the summer of 2022

14/04/2022 Publication :Food Drink & Innovations Author :Food Drink & Innovations

Bikano relaunches a wide selection of Sharbat range for the summer of 2022

14/04/2022 Publication :Kattu Food Tech Author :Manish Aggarwal

Bikano relaunches range of Sharbats for 2022 summer

14/04/2022 Publication :Agro & Food Processing Author :Manish Aggarwal

Diversified marketing strategy will drive growth in 2022

31/03/2022 Publication :Times of India Author :Dawinder Pal

Has the snacking segment transformed How about its future

22/03/2022 Publication :ET Hospitality World Author :By Dawinder Pal

Bikano delectable items add color to your Holi party

16/03/2022 Publication :IndiFoodBev Author :IndiFoodBev

Bikano Starts New Facility in Hyderabad to Cater to Southern Markets

14/03/2022 Publication :Food Infotech Author :Food Infotech

Bikano’s latest TVC tells us about the difference between plain bhujia and their bhujia It builds a power brand

02/03/2022 Publication :Agro & Food Processing Author :Manish Aggarwal

Unprecedented growth of E Commerce

02/03/2022 Publication :The Pioneer Author :Manish Agarwal

Bikano Bhujia differentiates itself from plain bhujia in new TVC

24/02/2022 Publication :ET Brand Equity Author :ET Brand Equity

How R and D helps food and beverage industry meet health standards

21/02/2022 Publication :Exchange 4 Media Author : Manish Aggarwal

Why focus on R and D is required for overall food and drink portfolio to meet health standards

21/02/2022 Publication :Pitch Author :Manish Aggarwal

Bloggers Park Sweet inning

21/01/2022 Publication :The Financial Express Author :Manish Aggarwal

Is the pace of launches picking or has innovation become the new mantra for FMCG

20/01/2022 Publication :The Times of India Author :Manish Aggarwal

The future of e commerce in penetrating sales of FMCG

17/12/2021 Publication :Adgully Author :Manish Aggarwal

My First Job Dawinder Pal Head of Marketing Bikano

01/10/2021 Publication :Times Jobs Author :Dawinder Pal

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