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Bikano has become one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of traditional Indian Namkeens, Snacks, Sweets, Cookies and Sherbets(beverages). As Bikano is loved by all, we have added different varieties of snacks, cookies etc. We have also tried to incorporate different, new and unique flavours. With the aid of the latest technology and techniques we have made sure that there is a presence of enough shelf life of our products.

Our distribution channel is extensively branched out throughout India. We have tried to reach out everywhere. From cities to villages and to remote areas. We make sure we cover up the entire country so our products can be enjoyed by everyone.

Bikano products are available in Retail, Wholesale, Malls, Markets, Franchise outlets, Modern trade National and International Stores, Airports, Railways, Government Stores, Military and Police Canteens ,Institutions through a well established Distribution Network and can also be ordered online through various prominent and well known e-commerce.

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