Top 3 Indian Foods That You Can’t Make Without Bikaneri Bhujia

One of the most loved Indian namkeen in the world has to be the bhujia. This crispy, light and spicy short noodle shaped namkeen has won the world over with its taste. Not only does this namkeen score ten on ten on taste but all gets full marks for its versatility. Here is a list […]

Flavored Syrups for Drinks – Beat the Heat with Bikano Flavored Summer Syrups

Summer is here and so’s the scorching heat that accompanies them. With the sun shining bright and taking away all your energy, keeping yourself hydrated in summers can be difficult. Even hosting guests can be quite a challenge as people do not prefer hot beverages such as tea or coffee in the summers. Well, worry […]

BIKANO, India’s Leading Packaged food & Beverage Brand is Now Available Online

In India, we do love our sweets and snacks – whether it’s the breakfast or the evening tea-break, sweets and namkeen are never amiss. BIKANO is one of the most popular Packaged food & Beverage brands in India. The popularity and quality of BIKANO products can be ascertained from the fact that they are sold […]

Indian Namkeen’s History: Bikaneri Bhujia

Bikaneri bhujia is one of India’s all-time favorite snacks. Generally known as Bhujia or Bhujia Sev, this crispy snack is served as an accompaniment with any and every Indian dish. Bikaner is renowned amongst the food lovers all over the world for its sweets and namkeen. Bhujia was first prepared in the Princely State of […]

Bikano Namkeens: Perfect Options To Savour In Between Meal Times!

As quotes by a learned man, “There’s no diet that will do what eating healthy snack does.” It is believed that eating between meals is a ‘bad habit.’ However, studies have shown that snacking in between meals is an effective way to add extra nutrients into your diet. It helps to prevent overeating thereby, maintaining […]

Types of Papad – How they are Prepared and their Culinary Uses

Indian Papad or otherwise known as Papadum makes for one of the most popular appetizers or snack that’s relished by people all across the nation. A type of tortilla, water or flat bread, it’s typically made using lentil, chickpea (Kabuli Chana), rice flour, black gram (Udad Dal), potato or tapioca. Papads are processed using different […]