• Top 5 Indian Sweets from Bikano for the Coming Festive Season

    The festive frolic is almost upon us and so is the time take your picks from choicest Indian sweets for welcoming your guests this holiday season. Wondering which sweets and namkeen items to get? Well, Bikano is here once again with its authentic taste and uncompromising quality to give you the best Indian sweets for festive celebrations.

    Best Indian Sweets for Festival Season

    Gulab Jamun

    Bikano Gulab Jamun

    This delicacy is loved by one and all Indians; the very mention of a Gulab Jamun gives your taste buds a spike of excitement. Prepared using milk solids and flour, the Gulab Jamun balls are fried till they get their signature rich-brown color, and dipped in hot sugar syrup. The Gulab Jamun is the must-have Indian sweet for every celebration.


    Bikano Rasgulla

    The Bengali delicacy which has become a household name, the Rasogolla is a savory, syrupy Indian dessert made from spherical dumplings of china and semolina dough. Cooked and dipped in a sugar syrup, Rasogollas are served with namkeen snacks to balance its sweetness with some tang.

    Kaju Katli

    Bikano Kaju katli.jpg

    A premium Indian sweet, the Kaju Katli is the choice of a discerning host. Made from a doughy mixture of milk solids and powdered cashew nuts, this delightful Indian sweet is made popular by its unique taste and premium tag. The Kaju Katli comes wrapped with silver leaf, which further enhances its taste and appeal.


    Bikano Rajbhog.jpg

    Slightly larger in size than the Rasogolla, the Rajbhog is prepared with similar ingredients. However, the use of premium quality saffron to give it a unique color and flavor makes this Indian sweet distinct in taste from its white cousin. Rajbhog is also Bengali, and thus, quite sweet and savory.

    Kesar Angoori Petha

    Bikano Kesar Angoori Petha

    A variant of the famous Agra ka Petha, this delicacy takes the taste and flavor a step further by adding the rich taste and color of Kesar to the Petha Mithai. The Kesar Angoori Petha gets its name from the saffron color and the grape-like shape of this Indian dessert. It is made from pumpkin balls cooked with flour at high-temperatures and permeated with sugar syrup. The Kesar Angoori Petha or any Petha Mithai for that matter is best served chilled.

    Bikano online sweets shop now offers all these delicacies in pre-packaged containers, sealed for the highest quality preservation. All sweets meet the high standards set by Bikano for authentic taste and quality. Buy yours now from our online sweets shop or visit the nearest Bikano/Bikanervala outlet to pick and choose your favorite Indian sweets.

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