• 3 Best selling Tinned Sweet Packs from Bikano

    Best Selling Tinned Sweet PacksVisiting your loved ones during the summer break and wondering about the gifts you should take along? Well, we can definitely help out with a few of those. Indian sweets and snacks are the best gifts you can take along no matter who you are visiting simply for the fact that everybody loves them.

    Bikano offers packed sweets and snacks as gifts and traveling companions. Munch on your favorite sugary delights or tangy snacks while traveling and have a pack ready for your hosts when you reach the destination.

    Today, we are sharing the three most popular tinned sweet boxes sold by Bikano online and through storefronts. If you are spoilt for choice by our extensive range of sweets and namkeen, pick one from the lot and we promise that you won’t be disappointed.

    Bikano Cham Cham

    One of the all time favourites of Indian sweet lovers, the Cham Cham tops this comparison. Prepared from cottage cheese balls, sugar and saffron, this is a delicacy best relished after a healthy family meal. Have it with the Navratan Mixture to add relish to your tea-time munching.

    Bikano Gulab Jamun

    Loved all over India and the world, the Gulab Jamun can set your taste buds tingling by mere mention of its name. Made from milk solids mixed with flour balls and sugar syrup, this delicacy is best served piping hot. Gulab Jamuns are an evergreen delight of the Indian sweets family and you can have it with a variety of snacks and namkeen without sparing a second thought.

    Bikano Rasogolla

    Oh the Rasogolla, the Bengali sweets that has a name as delightful as it tastes. A tin of Rasogolla can melt away all your recent differences with a loved one. The Rasogolla is a household name to say the least. The milky white affair of sweetness melts in your mouth and evokes moments of pure bliss.

    Order Indian Sweets Online

    You can now order all these delicacies without stepping out of your home by visiting the Bikano Online Sweets Shop in India. Simply add the items you love to the cart and rest assured of a fast delivery and top-quality packaging.

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