Bikano Bhujia differentiates itself from plain bhujia in new TVC

24/02/2022 Publication :ET Brand Equity Author :ET Brand Equity

Snack and packaged food manufacturing company Bikano have launched their latest TVC about the difference between any plain bhujia and Bikano’s Bhujia to strike a chord with the youth. The way in which this message is rendered in the TVC aims to spread the word about Bikano’s consistency in providing quality snacks.

Manish Aggarwal , director, Bikano, Bikanervala Foods said, “Bhujia is one of the most loved snacks and therefore has a high consumption pattern. It is crispy, crunchy & tasty. That is something desired by every customer. Bhujia is not just a snack; for Indians, it is a food mood, a winner on the leaderboard of Indian namkeen. And at Bikano, we understand and appreciate that fact, hence we only use the finest quality of ingredients to produce the world-famous Bikano Bhujia , and the same goes for all our products. Our Bhujia TVC reiterates why Bikano is a preferred brand in the category.”

The TVC tells the story of a person with a plastered left leg stationed in a wheelchair, who emerges from his society elevator and quickly gets to the store, only to slam into Babu Lal.

The protagonist complains to Babu Lal about how the latter again sent an ordinary pack of bhujia and that “Har bhujia ka packet, Bikano nahin hota. Bikano hi doo,” so only Bikano Bhujia for him. That’s when Bikano mascot emerges from a nearby aisle to remind Babu Lal “Sab ko pata hain, bhujia ho toh sirf Bikano” and extols its virtues in a few brief lines to end with the tagline “Hum se behtar bhujia ko jaane kaun”.

Dawinder Pal, head of marketing at Bikano says, “At Bikano, we imbibe the spirit of Bikaner in each crunchy, flavour-rich tiny chunk of bhujia to make it a fresh and mouth-watering snack to munch on any time of the day. And as it is, our tagline says it all “Hum se behtar bhujia ko jaane kaun”, as we enjoy the confidence of our consumers in terms of the quality products we provide, as we take the position of Bhujia experts very seriously. And that’s what is reflected in the TVC; we are strict about quality so you can continue having fun while snacking on Bikano Bhujia.”

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