• Top 5 Trending Packed Snacks by Bikano In 2018

    Due its commitment to quality and innovation, Bikano has become a leading name in the packaged food industry. With its variety of packed snacks for all occasions, Bikano has become a household name. All products are made with 100% natural ingredients and packed using the latest and modern technology to ensure freshness for longer duration. The attractive packaging only makes the products even more alluring.

    Here is a list of the top 5 trending snacks by Bikano in 2018:

    1.    Chips – Yummy Cream & Onion

    The snack world is incomplete without the customary Chips. These crispy potato snacks come in delicious flavors and the one trending right now is the Yummy Cream & Onion flavored chips that have an international appeal. Over the years this flavor has carved a niche in the hearts of people all over the world and continues to be one of the most loved flavors.

    2.    Chatax – Tasty Chinese

    Chinese cuisine is loved all over the world for its flavorful preparation. A little sweet mixed with some sour makes for the perfect gastronomical experience. The Bikano Chatax- Tasty Chinese flavor is perfect for every Chinese food lover as you get great authentic Chinese flavors in a snack form. Trending for its authentic flavors, this snack is made out of 100% natural ingredients.

    3.    Pufeez – Tomato Tango

    There are very few people who can overlook a great tomato flavored snack. The tomato is known for its tangy flavor and Bikano brings you the flavorful goodness of a tomato in its very own snack Pufeez- Tomato Tango. This snack is trending due to the burst of flavors you get as soon as you pop one in your mouth.

    4.    Mint Tangy Triangle

    One of the most loved traditional Indian flavor is that of mint and what better way to celebrate this flavor than creating the perfect snack out of it. The Mint Tangy Triangle is a crispy triangular shaped snack that combines the flavors of mint and tangy Indian spices to give you a taste of India.

    5.    Punjabi Punch

    A new addition to the snack family of Bikano, this snack is conceptualized by Bikano to cater to the lovers of spicy food. This snack can be had on its own as well as with meals. It is a crispy and spicy savoury snack with the flavors of tomato.

    You can try out these trending snacks by ordering them online from Bikano’s website http://www.bikano.com/

    Happy Munching!

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