How Bikano Became One of the Leading Packaged Food Brands in India

Bikano is one of the most visible packaged sweets and snacks brand in India today. The company has a veritable presence all over the Indian sub-continent, be it the Northern reaches of J&K or the Southern tip of Kanyakumari, from the Western Thar to Eastern Himalayas, Bikano is sold everywhere. There is a story behind Bikano becoming a premier food brand in India and the world, yes that’s true, Bikano products are also sold in the Middle-East, Europe and the Americas.

The brand was established as the packaged sweets and snacks branch of Bikanervala Sweets. The origins of the brand were laid by the journey of two Indian chefs, also known as halwais in the native lingo, from Bikaner to Delhi. Bikaner as we all know is the origin point of all the sweets and namkeen recipes we love and relish. The city has had a special affinity with food since the very beginning of its history and Bikaneri snacks make the high-tea time, special, all over the world.

So, the two master chefs arrived in Delhi and started their little venture which people started referring to as the ‘Bikanervala’ sweet shop. Hence, a brand was born.

The Bikano brand was conceived out of their quest to deliver the best of the best sweets and namkeen to people who were traveling and to make these delicacies available as gifts of love and affection. Today, Bikano products are loved by millions of Indians who crave for that authentic taste of Bikaneri Bhujia, Bengali Rasogollas, and homemade Besan Chikkis. The brand sells hundreds of products, each with a unique flavour and regional affinity.

Bikano Online Sweets and Namkeen Shop

If reading this article has had you craving after some sweets and snacks yourself, Bikano is now offering online orders and home deliveries to your location. Simply login on the Bikano website and start adding your favorite sweets and snacks to the cart.

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